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The original Google Glass is getting an update. We don't know when or where, or which kind of buyer the wearable will target (we're hearing rumors it's corporations), but photos showed up at the FCC, which usually means a launch will soon follow.

Photo by: Sarah Tew/CNET

The right arm houses the device's screen and camera. The arm rests on its right side. All measurements are in inches.

Photo by: Google/FCC

This view depicts the arm of the device lying face up.

Photo by: Google/FCC

The bulbous end should hold the battery.

Photo by: Google/FCC

Here we see some internal wiring.

Photo by: Google/FCC

With the panel removed, you can peer into the circuits inside.

Photo by: Google/FCC

More circuitry.

Photo by: Google/FCC

This appears to be the device's wireframe for that right arm, which holds the screen and battery.

Photo by: Google/FCC

Not part of this FCC filing, this sketch of a slim, curvy band worn around half the head came from a November 2015 patent that Google submitted. At this stage, consider it a concept device. Perhaps it's a taste of things to come.

Photo by: Google


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