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Jamie and Kari

TREASURE ISLAND, Calif.--The battle of the sexes seems to be a never-ending thing, but over the last few weeks, the hit Discovery Channel show MythBusters has been trying to settle some parts of it once and for all.

Over the course of several weeks, the show brought in dozens of members of the public to participate in experiments geared towards determining whether men or women are better at tasks like driving, packing, reading maps, grilling, multitasking, and reading emotional cues.

Although one of the hosts, Adam Savage, admits that the results--which won't be known for some time and won't be public until the episode airs next year--aren't scientific, it's hoped that the experiments will give enough of an insight into the questions of gender supremacy in each category that people will be satisfied with the answers.

CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman got to be on hand for part of the packing experiment, which entailed trying to load a car with as many as 28 items, while leaving room for a driver, a front-seat passenger, and a baby in a car seat.

All told, the MythBusters would be conducting the six experiments on a total of 120 volunteers.

Here, hosts Jamie Hyneman stand alongside one of the cars that's been loaded by a participant, waiting to tally up scores.

Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

The gear

Participants in the packing experiment had 10 minutes to put as many of the 28 items in a car as they could. They would be judged on packing, neatness and efficiency, comfort, drivability, how well they packed delicate items, and total time taken.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Ready to go

Tristen Shannon (left) and Wayne Covington get ready to race the clock and try to do the best job of packing they can during a MythBusters experiment. A cameraman readies to shoot their efforts.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Grabbing gear

Covington grabs some of the 28 items that he's supposed to put inside a car in a MythBusters experiment to see if men or women are better packers.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Loading the duck

Shannon readies to pack a toy duck in the car during her eight minutes as a participant in a MythBusters experiment.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Adam rides

MythBusters host Adam Savage rides his Segway around Treasure Island, near San Francisco.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Kicking the beach ball

Each participant was supposed to pack a beach ball in their car. Here, one of the balls gets away and Savage gives it a kick.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Catching the ball

Shannon reaches up to catch the beach ball that Adam Savage has just thrown to her.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Broken eggs

One of the items the participants were supposed to pack in the car was a box of eggs. Here, we see what happened to these eggs are being put through Adam Savage's post-packing driving test.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

The lost skateboard

Shannon's packing job left the trunk of her car stuffed beyond the ability to be shut. That meant that when Savage took the car out for its driving test, this skateboard went flying. Here, a MythBusters cameraman films the skateboard lying still on the pavement.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Test driving

Savage took each car for a high-speed driving test, attempting to see how well packed the 28 items were.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Judging tent

This is the judging tent where Savage and Byron waited while each set of participants packed their cars. Neither judge was supposed to know the gender of the person who packed each car. This was in order to ensure no gender bias in their scoring. Their co-host Adam Savage looks on from the right.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Jamie and the beachball

Hyneman picks up a beach ball from the trunk of one of the cars.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Jamie inspecting

MythBusters host Jamie Hyneman inspects one of the cars after a volunteer participant spent eight minutes packing it.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Jamie with the car

Hyneman stands alongside one of the cars.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Kari scoring

Kari Byron tallies the score for one of the participants during the packing experiment.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Kari speaks

As a cameraman shoots her words, MythBusters host Kari Byron talks about the performance of one of the participants.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Messy car seat

The person who packed this car did not score very well on neatness.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Sharp turn

During the driving test, Savage takes a sharp turn.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Trunk overflowing

The trunk is overflowing after a volunteer participant packed this car during the experiment to see whether men or women are better packers.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Well packed

All the judges said that this car was one of the best-packed of all. That's because the participant who packed it got all the items inside and did so neatly and efficiently.
Photo by: Daniel Terdiman/CNET


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