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Battleborn was never able to pull it all together. The follow-up franchise from the team that gave us Borderlands missed the mark in a handful of departments but was most criticized for its underwhelming writing, cast of forgettable characters and above else, lack of general fun.

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The Division

The Division isn't necessarily a bad game, but many players found the tiresome grind required to properly level up to be redundant and boring. The game's storyline also failed to stick the landing, but we did enjoy the Dark Zone component.

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Mighty No. 9

Mighty No. 9 was billed as a spiritual successor to Mega Man, and while it definitely looks like the classic platformer, the game just didn't captivate audiences in the same way. That, combined with a controversial Kickstarter campaign and a dizzying amount of delays left us wanting so much more.

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ReCore's debut seemed promising at the time and it certainly introduced some really solid potential, but in execution this action-adventure platforming title never connected all the dots.

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Super Mario Maker 3DS

Nintendo dropped the ball on the mobile version of the fantastic Super Mario Maker. The 3DS version of the game is missing a ton of features, doesn't run very well and if that wasn't enough, the game only plays in 2D.

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No Man's Sky

Where do you even start with No Man's Sky? No game should receive the amount of hype this game did, but it's tough to deny the disparity between how this game appeared in previews and what we actually got. Sure, the game's "Foundation Update" makes the game a bit more palatable, but the shock and disappointment from its initial release will never go away.

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