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Panasonic RP-BTGS10: bone-conduction headphones

Panasonic introduced the RP-BTGS10 wireless headphones, which use your cheekbones to deliver audio straight to your head. It will be available in a variety of colors this fall for an undisclosed price.
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Ghost Bee headphones by BeeWi

Ghost Bee headphones can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to support stereo music playback or hands-free communication. The headphones' unique hi-fi dock can be plugged into a home stereo system. This lets users stream music to the headphones, then stop and plug them into the dock and continue listening on larger speakers.

Ghost Bee headphones are slated for release February 15 and will cost $179.
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iSport Intensity by Monster

Priced around $120, the iSport Intensity is the first Monster in-ear headphone to use a new earpipe design for allowing users to hear some ambient noise while sealing in 100 percent of the audio. New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees promoted the headphones at Monster's CES event.
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EA Sports MVP Carbon by Monster

World’s first headphones with Monster HDHS (High Definition Headphone Surround). Powered by AstoundSound for immersive surround sound. Priced at $269.95.
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Nick Cannon and Monster deliver N-Tune headphones

Part of recording artist Nick Cannon's NCredible line of Monster headphones, the new N-Tune color collection sells for $129.95.
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808 brand headphones from Voxx International

Voxx is promising studio-quality headphones at a reasonable price with the 808 brand headphones. These full-size over-the-ear headphones feature powerful 40mm drivers, a foldable design for easy storage, and come with multiple detachable cords and a protective travel case.

In three styles including black matte, black high gloss, and white high gloss, the headphones will be available this month for $99.99.
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