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Kidproofing your tablet

No matter what your kid likes to do on a tablet -- chew on it, drool on it, or, hey, even watch movies on it -- there's a way to protect that tech.

The iGuy funky tablet case is military-grade drop tested and safe for kids. The iPad case is made from soft, lightweight foam, and is free-standing.

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Belkin Lego Builder Case for iPad Mini

It's hard to find someone who doesn’t like Legos. This case has the ultimate dual functionality, protecting your tablet, and entertaining you and your child with its official blue Lego backplate.

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Skip Hop Zoo 2-in-1 Tablet Cover

The zoo animal line from Skip Hop keeps kids entertained in a few different ways. Its padded cover offers protection for the tablet, and you can securely hang it from a strap while driving. The case also has two-way velcro straps to attach to a car seat. You can even download zoo character backgrounds onto the tablet to match. It comes in monkey and in owl.

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Incipio Fire Truck Kids Case for Fire HD

As sturdy as a truck, this fun design is made with high-density silicone that will prevent five-alarm accidents from wreaking major damage.

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Stylefolio iPad Mini 3 Case

The Stylefolio iPad Mini 3 Case has full perimeter protection, preventing your device from becoming the victim of spills, bumps, and scratches. This model is handy for propping your iPad on a flat surface with its secure closure clasp,  and it comes in so many colors that you shouldn't have any problem matching it to the color scheme of the romper room.

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Logitech BLOK case

For parents who care more about utility than design, this case from Logitech promises to protect your device even if it drops up to 6 feet...onto concrete. The cover is also liquid-repellent.

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Fintie Casebot Kiddie Case

This case is lightweight, shock-proof and has a hard shell to prevent accidents. It has a convertible handle stand and comes in eye-popping, bright colors, making it easier to find the next time your tablet gets lost. Which will be, like, any second now.

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Otterbox Agility Tablet System Wall Mount

Need to keep a child entertained on the go? This tablet case mounts on any wall in the house, allowing you to go hands-free without losing counter space. It can even mount in your car.

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Onn Kid-Safe Universal Tablet Bumper

This handle has bumper-like borders to help protect your 9-inch to 10-inch tablet -- perfect for the next time your kids feel like playing Toss the Pricey Hardware.

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​Cocones iPad Air Sleeve

This stylish tablet protector is made from natural materials and is resistant to stretching and pulling. The thick, padded sleeve is also shock absorbing, water-repellent and antistatic. It's almost too sophisticated-looking to be kid-friendly.

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Mod Tablet 2

Need help organizing your busy parental lifestyle? This tablet case, from Los Angeles-based This Is Ground, will do more than protect your device. The Mod 2 has a magnetic spine and includes a soft stand for your tablet. The interior can hold items including your phone, glasses, cards, notebook, cords and more. It's also compatible with any brand of tablet.

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Moko Amazon Fire HDX 7 Case

This case comes with some handy features, such as automatically waking or putting a tablet to sleep when the lid opens and closes. Its folding cover also transforms into a stand with two viewing angles. There is also an interior hand strap, so a parent can hold a kid in one hand and a tablet in the other.

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