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The best of the best in high-end audio

The Gradient Helsinki 1.5 speaker is a "boxless" design, it sounds as amazing as it looks.
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Davone Mojo Speaker

The 1-foot-tall Davone Mojo speakers in the MA Recordings room sounded fantastic. These omnidirectional speakers really disappear, you can't tell where the sound is coming from! I can't stop thinking about these speakers.
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Raysonic CD168 Tube CD Player

I didn't hear the Raysonic CD168 tube CD player, but it looked extra cool!
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Verity Amadis Speakers

New York's Sound by Singer was showing Verity Amadis speakers and VAC Statement amplifiers together and making some of the best sounds at the show.
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Zellaton Concert Speaker

NYC dealer Audioarts was demonstrating the amazing Zellaton Concert speakers.
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

David Berning ZOTL Pre One Preamplifier

Audioarts also played the David Berning ZOTL Pre One preamplifier, which features a special low-loss ceramic material that provides "a more transparent sound with additional presence."
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Wes Bender Studio NYC

The Wes Bender Studio NYC featured Hansen Audio's newly revised Prince E speaker, with the stunning new Viola Audio Laboratories amplifiers. The system's finesse, tremendous dynamic range, and power were among the best I heard at the show.
Photo by: Wes Bender

Innovative Audio Video

NYC dealer Innovative Audio Video was showing the new stereo Dan D'Agostino Momentum power amplifier, in black!
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Sony SS-AR Speaker

The Sony SS-AR speakers and Pass Labs amplifiers unleashed an effortless, wide open sound. It was shocking, who knew Sony makes bona-fide high-end speakers?
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg

Raysonic SP-200 Tube Amplifier

The Raysonic SP-200 tube amplifier has a lot of tubes!
Photo by: Steve Guttenberg


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