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No Man's Sky

I can't promise anyone who picks up No Man's Sky will regularly attend their classes, but the hype and anticipation for this PS4/PC release feels just as important.

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PlayStation 4

We still love the overall value PS4 provides, not to mention its stellar set of games. Sure, a new version of the console is around the corner, but we think that might drive the price of the original down.


Xbox One S

Microsoft has let the cat out of the bag. A new Xbox One is coming and it's 40 percent smaller, features an integrated power supply and packs in support for HDR and 4K video. It will start off with a 2TB model for $400 in August, but will drop in price for the 1TB and 500GB versions that won't be released until December.


Turtle Beach Elite Pro

We really love this new gaming headset from Turtle Beach for its killer surround sound and tournament-grade build quality. It's the perfect headset for intense Twitch gaming while trying not to disturb anyone nearby.

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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The next Deus Ex game is almost upon us and we're looking forward to experiencing the world within, where humans and augmented humans are at odds.

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Mafia III

Inspired by the gritty world of New Orleans in the '60s, Mafia III puts you in the shoes of a vet hellbent on revenge.

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Steelseries Apex M500 mechanical gaming keyboard

This backlit mechanical keyboard is affordably priced and on par with some of the more expensive keyboards on the market. Best of all, it's fitted with Cherry MX Red switches, which make for ultra-comfortable gaming as well as typing away those long term papers.

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