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Doors open Thanksgiving day

Walmart will open its doors at 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving, November 26, and deals will continue through Friday, November 27. Online sales begin on Thursday at 3:01 a.m. EST, 12:01 a.m. PST.

See all of Walmart's Black Friday deals.

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Get a 32-inch Roku TV for $125

The retailer will have the 32-inch 720p Roku TV from TCL for only $125. That's a great deal for anyone looking for a secondary TV. Interested in a larger 1080p model? There is a 55-inch 1080p LED TCL Roku TV model for $348.

Walmart will also have a 50-inch and 40-inch HDTV for $269 and $149, respectively. The catch? Walmart says "brands will vary by store." It's also unclear if these will be 720p or 1080p.


Discounted Fitbits

Looking for a fitness tracker? Walmart will be offering the Fitbit Charge HR for for $120 (down from $150), Fitbit Flex for $60 (down from $100), and Fitbit Zip for $39 (down from $50).

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Apple iPad Mini 2 for $200

This deal is already live, but it's too good not to mention one more time. Walmart has the entry-level Apple iPad Mini 2 with 16GB of storage for $199 -- a savings of $70. That's a pretty great deal for a tablet that's still well worth buying, and half the price of the new iPad Mini.

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Save $90 on Jaybird Bluetooth earbuds

The retailer will have the Jaybird BlueBuds X Premium wireless earbuds for $79, down from $169.

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Save $50 on a PS4 bundle

Interested in a PS4? Check out the PlayStation 4 Uncharted bundle. Walmart will have the bundle for $300 (a savings of $50). That includes the PS4 console, one wireless controller and the Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection game.

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Discounted PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U games

Own a PS4, Xbox One or Wii U? Walmart has a variety of games for all three consoles priced between $15 and $35. These include hit titles like Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto V, The Witcher 3, Forza 6, Splatoon and others.

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Save on Wii U and 3DS XL consoles

Walmart will have the Wii U Super Smash Brothers and Splatoon bundle for $250 (down from $280).

More interested in handhelds? The retailer will also have the Nintendo 3DS XL for $130 (down from $200).

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Roku SE for only $25

Just like Best Buy and Amazon, Walmart will be offering the Roku SE for $25 (down from $50).


Discounted Windows laptops

Looking for a cheap Windows 10 laptop? You're in luck. Walmart a 15-inch HP laptop with a quad-core AMD processor, 4GB of memory and 500GB of storage for only $199 (down from $319).

Want something a little bigger? The retailer will also have a 17-inch HP laptop with 750GB of storage for $299 (down from $399).

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Save $50 on Beats Pill wireless speaker

The Beats Pill is an expensive (yet power) Bluetooth speaker. Normally priced at $200, Walmart will be offering it for $150, which makes it a lot more appealing.

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Save $30 on a Philips Shoqbox Min wireless speaker

Walmart will have the durable and splash-proof Philips Shoqbox Mini Bluetooth speaker for only $20 (down from $50).

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More deals on Walmart's mobile app

These are only the tech deals we thought were worth your attention, but Walmart has a lot more discounts for clothing, appliances, toys and more. You can see all of the items on the Walmart mobile app for Android and iOS.

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Check out the deals from Best Buy

Walmart isn't the only retailer that has posted its Black Friday deals. Be sure to check out all of the great deals Best Buy has planned.

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