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The most amazing stuff at Toy Fair 2015 (pictures)

Lego, funky drones, robots and bananas: take a peek at what's coming in 2015.

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Mattel View-Master

The new View-Master from Mattel, announced right before Toy Fair, works with Google Cardboard's VR technology: it can show a 360-degree panorama and pop up magical 3D images. It's coming this fall for $30.

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Lego 2015: Marvel's Avengers

"Avengers: Age of Ultron" is coming, and so is this Hulkbuster Lego set.

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Lego 2015: Scooby-Doo

Scooby-Doo and The Mystery Machine: this Lego set is nearly as cool as last year's Simpsons one.

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Lego 2015: Minifigures

Curious about this year's Lego Minifigures? Here's Series 13.

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Lego 2015: Jurassic World

Lego is ready with just about all the "Jurassic World" merchandise you can handle. Here's a peek at the movie's new genetic-mix dinosaur.

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Lego 2015: Minecraft

Lego Minecraft and the Endermen. Creepy.

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Lego 2015: Star Wars

The Imperial shuttle makes its triumphant return to Lego.

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ThinkFun Maker Studio

ThinkFun makes a lot of great, smart puzzles and learning games. Maker Studio is a construction kit: the pieces look like wood, but they're durable plastic. Convert a cracker box into a vehicle.

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Hexbug Aquabots

Hexbug's clever, glowing, swimming toys already come in shark and fish forms, but coming soon are seahorse and jellyfish ones, too.

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Hex IQ Robotics Construction Kit

These modular, fully programmable robot kits from Hexbug cost $300 and aim to do similar things to Lego's Mindstorm kits. It has its own controller-style remote and educational programming instructions.

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Vex Robotics Age of Innovation Machines

Hexbug's separate Vex line of education-focused robots has expanded to these mechanical kits incorporating STEM learning. Gear-driven machines can be built from the included sets, including this motion-picture zoetrope.

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Fubbles Bump N' Bubble

We have no idea why, but this little cheap bubble-blowing robot toy hypnotized us.

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Meet WowWee's MiPosaur: it's a robotic velociraptor with wheels. It chases a ball in packs. It follows you, if you want it to. Coming this summer, for $120.

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IO Hawk

IO Hawk is like a Segway without a big set of handlebars. Hop on, and it starts moving with the slightest bend of your legs. It costs around $1,800, but maybe you can find a sale.

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R.E.V. by WowWee is a remote-controlled car that can also do stunts robotically on its own: here, it's hopping up a ramp without anyone telling it to. Other games modes pit enemy AI-controlled patrol cars against yours in a little toy death rally. Coming in August for $99.

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Moff Band

Moff Band: it's a little slap-on band that makes noises when you shake your wrist. It's good for fake swordfights, air guitar, and whatever the heart may fancy.

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A charming man with a mysterious rolling wheel, who temporarily tried hitching it to an IO Hawk. This is Toy Fair in a single photo.

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Makey Makey

Behold, a banana piano: Makey Makey makes anything into a keyboard, provided you stick contacts in the top. Musical fruit, for real.

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Robotis by Kidslab is a fully programmable humanoid robot. Here, they were dancing to music in a most adorable fashion.

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Ozobot, already available, is a teeny-tiny robot that can follow colored lines you draw on paper or on an iPad. A software update coming this summer will allow even more programming functions using optical codes.

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Supreme Fire Wallet

It's a flaming wallet! Shown off by Fantasma Toys and Magic at Toy Fair. Is this for kids? Who knows, but it felt like real flame!

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RC Pterodactyl

Remote-controlled pterodactyls from PaulG toys. Remote-controlled freakin' pterodactyls.

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Nebula Cruiser

The Nebula Cruiser by Odyssey Toys is a 2-foot-long foam drone that looks like a little aircraft carrier of the skies.

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Anki Overdrive

Anki Overdrive is an evolution of last year's Anki AI-controlled robotic racers: instead of a flat race track, now you can build crazy Mario Kart-like courses like this and have the cars race and make jumps. Older Anki cars can get firmware upgrades. Coming in September, a basic kit will cost $150 with each car costing $50.

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