The 26 funniest, freakiest board games you can buy

Yeah, you're gonna want to play these.


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Family game night will never be the same

There are three kinds of board games: the good, the bad and the deliriously different. For your consideration, we've rounded up 26 of the most curious games that your money can buy. Check 'em out, they're way better conversation starters than a game of checkers.

2 of 23 Archie McPhee

Mr. Bacon's Big Adventure

In this "meatcentric" battle, the first piece of bacon to make its way through Meatland and to the frying pan wins. Get it now from Archie McPhee for $19.95.

3 of 23 Mercury Games/Amazon


Compete to run a first-rate hospital amid an influx of "highly contagious patients," like the guy on the box with the greenish sick face. Sign us up! Amazon recently had an unused copy of this out-of-print game available for $69.99.

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Trump the Game

Live the riches-to-riches story of the presidential candidate as you "do whatever it takes to turn $500 million into billions." The 2004 version of the game (pictured, and featuring the "You're fired" catchphrase) can be had on eBay for about $20 and up.

5 of 23 BoardGames.com


Settle the issue of who's the best professional Mexican wrestler in your house with this dice-oriented game that's all about scoring the big knockout. Buy it at BoardGames.com for $35.96.

6 of 23 Late for the Sky/Instagram


Fleas and incontinence are two of the issues you'll contend with as you compete for the "big bones." If Yorkies aren't your thing, Late for the Sky markets several other dog- and animal-themed games. Get Yorkie-opoly for $24.95 from Late for the Sky.

7 of 23 Parker Brothers/Amazon


Feed (plastic) worms into the skeleton, turn the crank and hope said worms don't "skwish" out. The player who gets all his or her worms "up the skeleton's bones so they disappear into his skull" wins. All this 1997-circa fun is often available via Amazon for under $20.

8 of 23 Goliath Games

Doggie Doo

"Feed and walk your little pup, when he makes a mess you clean it up. Be the first player to get three pieces of dog mess on your shovel to win." Yes, seriously. Get it at Amazon; last we saw the $31.99 list price was marked down to $21.95.

9 of 23 Hasbro

Speak Out

This game comes complete with 200 double-sided, read-aloud cards and five mouthpieces that are supposed to render the real-aloud cards unintelligible. So, yup, you can sound drunk even when you're not drunk. Buy it at Target for $19.99.

10 of 23 TaliCor

​P.U.! The Guessing Game of Smells

Based in the town of Odorville, this game requires you to "land on a smellspot, draw a card and guess its smell." Delight your sinuses by picking this one up at Amazon for $19.99.

11 of 23 TerrorBull Games

War on Terror: The Boardgame

Think Risk with a satirical bent, an "Axis of Evil" spinner and 48 terrorist cards. A response to the US- and UK-led invasion of Iraq, the game is hard to find (and not because it was once confiscated by police). Still, new copies can be had starting at $199 via Amazon.

12 of 23 Spencer's

Outrageous Party Mugshots

In this party game, the cards instruct you to take pictures of you and your friends in various acts of partying. You are then encouraged to post these "mugshots" to social media. Buy it, if you dare, at Spencer Gifts for $12.99.

13 of 23 Parker Brothers

​Monopoly FedEx

Monopoly FedEx celebrates the world of drop boxes, freight trucks, ground vans and service centers. It's all so unsexy it's sexy. Have one shipped to you via Amazon; new copies available from about $53.

14 of 23 We R Fun

​Life on the Farm

"Created by a Minnesota farm family," the goal of this game is to farm your way to a comfortable retirement. Get the shockingly wholesome fun at Amazon for $35.

15 of 23 Vivid Imaginations

Golden Balls

Based on the British lottery-style game show of the same unfortunate name, you'll seek to rack up cash while trying to avoid the bank-depleting "killer balls." Get a used copy via Amazon.co.uk (it can be done, Americans) for the US equivalent of about $15 and up.

16 of 23 Games For All Reasons


"Take turns gathering colorful shapes as you move around the game board. But land on a space with the Gigglepants character and you'll be giggling to get into the Gigglepants playpants." For reals. Available at Amazon starting at $14.99.

17 of 23 Archie McPhee

The Crazy Cat Lady Game

To win this game, you'll need to hoard the most cats. "Dressing up like a crazy cat lady while playing is optional," the game maker says, "but encouraged." Get it from Archie McPhee for $19.95.

18 of 23 Hammerhead Enterprises

​Capital Punishment

Use liberals as pawns to free your opponents' bad guys from prison while you work to execute yours. Yes, says the UK Guardian, "the rules are basically a pro-death-penalty rant." We recently found this rare game on Amazon for $114.99.

19 of 23 Splotter

​Food Chain Magnate

This business-building strategy game about nothing fancier than burgers, shakes and fries "might be the best tabletop game ever designed." A new copy on Amazon will run you around $129.99.

20 of 23 Bill O'Leary/The Washington Post/Getty Images


Hey, kids, let's take the bar and file court documents! Get your serious fun from the game's official website for $34.95.

21 of 23 Spencer Platt/Getty Images

​Toy Story 3 Operation

Tired of committing malpractice on a stranger? Then wield your equipment on the beloved character Buzz Lightyear. No pressure. On sale at Amazon for about $35.

22 of 23 Mercury Games


What could be more fun than reliving the nation's housing crash? Getting to relive it as a creditor, apparently. From Mercury Games for $25.

23 of 23 Colorforms/Overstock

​The Green Lantern Saves the Earth

Relive the darkest summer of Ryan Reynolds' movie career with this "Green Lantern" tie-in game that pits four game pieces against a dastardly plot by Parallax. Spotted at Overstock.com for $25.99.

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