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Iron Man 2 (multiplatform)

Fighters Uncaged (Xbox 360 Kinect)

Splatterhouse (360, PS3)

Kung Fu Rider (PS3 Move)

Clash of the Titans (360, PS3)

Dark Void (360, PS3)

Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days (360, PS3)

Saw II: Flesh and Blood (360, PS3)

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 (multiplatform)

Sonic Free Riders (Xbox 360 Kinect)

Iron Man 2 may have been a success at the box office, but its simultaneous video game offering was nothing more than mediocre. Broken combat and ugly subpar graphics had us frustrated.
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A handful of Kinect's launch games left us wanting more, but Fighters Uncaged may have been the worst of them all. The motion control in this title felt so poorly executed, it rendered the game nearly unplayable. Was it rushed out the door to meet Kinect's launch date? Probably.
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We certainly had high hopes for Splatterhouse, the classic arcade reboot that hit shelves right around Halloween. Unfortunately, while the atmosphere and gore was spot-on, Splatterhouse suffered from serious issues with camera control, combat, and more. Simply put, it just wasn't fun to play.
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Kung Fu Rider won us over when we demoed the game leading up to the release of PlayStation Move thanks to its bizarre premise and mechanics. However, when put to the test, there was really nothing here but a quick, short, tech demo that somehow got wrapped up into an official disc release. At the most, Kung Fu Rider should have been download-only.
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Clash of the Titans offered nothing more than generic action and forgettable boss encounters. We were hoping for a quick God of War ripoff, but Titans couldn't even deliver on that.
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Dark Void seemed promising up until the game's release in early 2010. We really liked the concept of a jetpack shooter, but in practice Dark Void failed to compel or excite. When it was all said and done, we had nothing more than a few moments of heightened action, and whole lot of trite game play.
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Perhaps one of our biggest disappointments of the year, Kane & Lynch 2 successfully served up great shaky-cam action and somewhat faithful representation of gritty Shanghai. However a laundry list of headaches including weapon switching, unrealistic enemy damage, and redundancies kept this one from really shining above its predecessor.
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The original Saw game from 2009 was a surprise to many; it was scary, fun to play, and featured clever puzzles all while paying appropriate homage to its inspiration. Unfortunately, Saw II seemingly dropped the ball everywhere possible and left us with memories of what could have been.
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The latest Harry Potter game truly had potential, but after a while, it seemed the title lost its direction. There were a few memorable moments here, but a combination of camera difficulties, poor graphics, awful voice acting, and a story headed nowhere left us waiting for the movie.
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Another Kinect launch game, Sonic Free Riders slapped a racing game on top of the Sonic the Hedgehog brand. Unfortunately poor controls really soiled the show here, ultimately leaving Sonic Free Riders absolutely no fun to play. We couldn't find a stance that seemed to work here, and can't imagine people who purchased the game fared much better.

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