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Tendril Connect

Tendril Insight

Tendril Home Electric Vehicle

Tendril Volt

Tendril Load Control Switch

Tendril Connect has open APIs enabling it to integrate with third-party apps, and support for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems, as well as support for various mobile device platforms. It works with Tendril's line of hardware including things like smart thermostats, smart outlets, and load control switches via the ZigBee network, but can also communicate with electric cars and energy service providers.

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Tendril's Insight is a two-way communicating In-Home Display that syncs with smart meters, thermostats, and individual appliances. Consumers have the option to manually control their home management system via the display, or allow it to operate autonomously based on given parameters. It also relays real-time info like weather and electricity costs.
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Tendril's Home Electric Vehicle application connects home EV charging stations or EVs to a home energy network portal, as well as utilities, allowing consumers to choose when to charge such as during off-peak demand. Consumers can also use it to get an idea of what it's costing them per mile to run their car on electricity.
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The Tendril Volt is a three-prong outlet with a ZigBee Smart Energy communications device that can be plugged in to any standard home outlet, and used to control the appliance connected via that outlet.

Using Tendril's Energize application, the Tendril Volt outlet can then be manually set or programmed to follow guidelines such as off-peak electricity times, or a predetermined schedule.

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Instead of brown-outs, utilities may in the future choose a more select approach to managing an over-taxed electric grid. The Tendril Load Control Switch would allow utilities to selectively shut off electricity-guzzling appliances like hot-water heaters, HVAC systems, and pool pumps instead of having to cut power to entire neighborhoods or homes in the face of critical peak demand.

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