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Iron Man's chest in progress

Iron Man suit build from behind

Iron Man's shoes

Painting Iron Man's boots

Iron Man helmet build

Full-on Iron Man

Archie Whitehead as Iron Man

Archie Whitehead, a 17-year-old amateur prop-maker, crafted an entire Iron Man suit, spending months on the process. This chest piece shows a look at the build in progress. Automotive paint was applied later.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
Archie Whitehead, a young prop builder, crafted an incredibly detailed Iron Man suit to wear to the premiere of "Iron Man 3." The suit took months to build and cost around $500 in materials. This shows the back of the costume before paint was applied.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
Archie Whitehead's DIY Iron Man costume features a lot of detail work, right down to the tread on the bottom of the Iron Man shoes. Portions of the wearable costume are made from foam rubber, which helps keep the weight down.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
It took plenty of shiny automotive paint to make Archie Whitehead's homemade Iron Man costume come to life. The U.K. teen built the costume over several months, showing a passion for prop-making. These boots are sized to fit him.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
Teen Archie Whitehead built an entire Iron Man costume for himself. The helmet features glowing lights on the eyes, though it's designed so he can still see out of it. Whitehead applied battle scars to the helmet after painting it, and plans to add more battle marks to the rest of the suit.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
Archie Whitehead models his homemade Iron Man costume. The entire suit cost about $500 in materials, but required months of time to build. Glowing lights and a movie-accurate paint job really make the suit stand out.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
Teen prop-maker Archie Whitehead makes a face as he wears his DIY Iron Man suit. He wore the suit to a local premiere of "Iron Man 3." Wisely, he built the codpiece with Velcro and clips that make it easy to remove in case of a bathroom emergency.
Caption by / Photo by Archie Whitehead
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