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Tado Smart AC Control

Now available in the US, Tado is a smart device that controls dumb air conditioners using the same infrared connection as the remote control. Sync Tado up with your phone, and you'll be able to control that air conditioner remotely, or teach it some cool new tricks.

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Geofenced cooling

The biggest trick up Tado's sleeve? Geofencing. By tracking your phone's location, Tado knows when you're coming and going. If you leave the geofenced area around your house, it'll shut the air off. When you enter the area on your way home, it'll turn it back on. If there are multiple people in your home, it'll only turn off the air after the last person has left, and turn it back on when the first person returns.

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App controls

You can also whip out your phone and control your AC using the Tado app.

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Remote management

Just dial the temperature up or down, and Tado will relay the command to your AC unit.

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Smart scheduling

You can also set schedules for when you want Tado to turn your AC up, down, on or off.

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Price point

Tado costs $199, and sells at Best Buy, B&H and on Amazon. You'll also be able to find it at Home Depot in the coming months.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tyler Lizenby/CNET
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