While Apple and others have forsworn the pen input, Microsoft's Surface Pro offers a pressure-sensitive pen for high-accuracy input and drawing. Read full review
The kickstand is a unique Surface feature; it allows the tablet to stand up without the use of a separate case or dock. However, many people complain that it makes for awkward use when in "laptop mode" (with the keyboard attachment). Read full review
Two keyboard options are available. Physical keys (Type Cover) for $129 or touch keys (Touch Cover) for $119. For an extra $10, it's a no-brainer to get the "real" keyboard. Read full review
The magnetic connection on the keyboard covers is strong enough to hold the tablet up by the keyboard -- not that we'd recommend that. Read full review
With the Type Cover and kickstand, the Surface Pro resembles a tiny all-in-one PC. Read full review
The Type Cover has a soft outer surface, and adds surprisingly little to the system's overall thickness. Read full review
The pen can clip onto the side of the system. Unlike the RT version, the Surface Pro supports pressure sensitivity and palm-blocking technology. Read full review
Typing is better than expected with the Type Cover. Not as good as even an ultraportable laptop, but the best tablet typing experience to date. Read full review
While the iPad is primarily used in its portrait orientation, most Windows tablets feel more at home in landscape mode. This pinball game is a good opportunity to mix it up a bit. Read full review
The game section in the Windows app store is weak so far, but you can install and run games on the Pro from Steam, GOG, and other sources; those latter options are unavailable on the RT version of the Surface. Read full review
Like other Windows 8 touch-screen devices, you'll find yourself using a combination of keyboard, touch-pad, and touch-screen inputs. Read full review
The Surface Pro is frankly thick for a tablet, but remember that it's packing in a full Core i5 ultrabook's worth of hardware. Read full review
Connectivity options on the Surface Pro are limited. A rumored future docking solution might help. Read full review
The power connection is similar to Apple's MagSafe connector, and attaches here. Read full review
The port for connecting the keyboard cover has potential future uses, such as a dock or other accessories. Read full review
The 1,920x1,080-pixel resolution looks great, but works better in the Windows 8 UI than the traditional desktop mode. Read full review
The power brick and cable is thankfully small. That's good because at about 4 hours of battery life, you'll probably have to bring it with you. But the inclusion of a USB port for charging your phone takes some of the sting out. Read full review
With a Core i5 CPU, 128GB SSD (in the more expensive model), and a decent keyboard, the Surface shows you can pack a lot into a very small package. Read full review
Can the Surface Pro be your full-time PC? That's a question we'll have to come back to as more people get their hands on the system. Read full review


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