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Above the Bay Bridge

The shadow of the Earth overtakes a perigee full moon, or supermoon, casting a red tint on the satellite on Sunday, September 27. The rare phenomenon is known as a "blood moon."

In this photo by Instagram user @andrewho83, the supermoon makes the new San Francisco-Oakland Bridge look even more special.

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Eclipse in DC

The first supermoon total lunar eclipse since 1982, seen here behind the Washington Monument in Washington, DC, on Sunday. The next one will be in 2033.

Published:Caption:Photo:NASA/Aubrey Gemignani
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Moon over Colorado

The supermoon as seen behind the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver.

Published:Caption:Photo:NASA/Bill Ingalls
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Proud to be an American moon

In this image captured by Instagram user @dearmarium,  the supermoon shines in Hollywood.

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Berlin sighting

Sunday's supermoon yielded incredible photos from around the globe. Here, it appears red behind the quadriga of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Published:Caption:Photo:Kay Nietfeld/dpa/Corbis
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Supermoon eclipse over New York

Sunday's perigee full moon, or supermoon, is seen here next to the Empire State Building.

Published:Caption:Photo:NASA/Joel Kowsky
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Beauty in Belgium

A super colorful scene as the supermoon is seen suspended in the sky in Brussels.

Published:Caption:Photo:Gong Bing/Xinhua Press/Corbis
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Blood over Dallas

A time-lapse photo collage of the blood supermoon eclipse over Dallas by Mike Mezeul II (Instagram user @mikemezphoto).

Published:Caption:Photo:Mike Mezeul II/Instagram
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Moon over Moscow

An amazing shot of the supermoon at Victory Park in Moscow. The next time the world will see a celestial event like this will be in 2033.

Published:Caption:Photo:Xinhua Press/Corbis
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Full-court moon

Samuel Mouton (@samwellmoutron on Instagram) snapped this shot of the supermoon above a basketball court in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Published:Caption:Photo:Samuel Mouton
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Through the clouds

Nick Pinkston (@nickpinkston on Instagram) captured this stunner in Owensboro, Kentucky.

Published:Caption:Photo:Nick Pinkston
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Through the clouds

Another image from Kentucky, this one shot in Pitts Fork by Melinda Hurd (Instagram user @mmh.018).

Published:Caption:Photo:Melinda Hurd
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Rouge collage

This collage, created by Mike Greenham, shows the blood moon at near total eclipse surrounded by its different phases.

Published:Caption:Photo:Mike Greenham/Twitter
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Blushing satellite

A lunar eclipse puts the blush on the supermoon. Jackie Novak of Jackie Novak Photography took the beautiful shot.

Published:Caption:Photo:Jackie Novak
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Supermoon over Seattle Gasworks Park

The supermoon eclipse at near full "blood" phase over Gasworks Park in Seattle.  Tricia Enfield of Tricia Enfield Photography took this beauty.

Published:Caption:Photo:Tricia Enfield
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Parked above the park

A moody image from Heather Farm Park in Walnut Creek east of San Francisco, shot by Instagram user @swapnal.

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A towering view

Imran Mirza took this time-lapse collage Monday morning at Castlehill, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in the UK.

Published:Caption:Photo:Imran Mirza
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