Boldly going

Woodworker Barry Shields took a couple of tries at cutting the quarter-inch glass to make it appear as if the USS Enterprise is in motion across your favorite celestial area rug.
Photo by: Barry Shields


Shields says the base of the table was designed to portray the ship in orbit over a planet, even while under the gravitational forces of a few cans of PBR.
Photo by: Barry Shields

Assimilate this table

The dimensions of the glass tabletop are 34 inches by 54 inches. And the table is 17 inches high. That would make the house itself somewhere around the size of a Borg cube.
Photo by: Barry Shields


Shields says he finished the base with a rubbed poly finish coat that should last for years into the future, but perhaps not all the way to the 24th century.
Photo by: Barry Shields

Rest your feet after a long trek

Made from ash, poplar, and cherry wood, the table is solid and sturdy, according to its creator. And "you CAN put your feet up on it after a long day at the office." Presumably the same still applies if your office is actually a holodeck.
Photo by: Barry Shields


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