Sweet Star Wars toys fly all over New York Comic Con

High-end statues and action figures depicting "The Last Jedi" and "Rogue One" characters are soaring our way soon.

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Star Wars The Black Series

At New York Comic Con, Stars Wars toys abounded. Here's Hasbro's Black Series collection, featuring reveals specifically for the New York Comic Con weekend. These Black Series figures cost $20 each, which roughly converts to £15 and AU$25.

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Meet DJ

The Black Series figure of DJ, who'll be played by Benicio Del Toro in "The Last Jedi." 

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Bounty hunter Dengar is also coming to the Black Series, with an estimated arrival in fall 2018.

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The Black Series edition of Lando is also set for a fall 2018 release.

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The droid 4-LOM's Black Series figure is also set for fall 2018.

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Become Darth Vader*

The Black Series Darth Vader helmet debuted at Hasbro's Hascon Providence, Rhode Island last month. It will cost $99 (roughly £75, AU$130) when it hits next spring.The helmet comes in three pieces, mirroring how it comes apart in the Star Wars films.

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Inside the helmet

The interior of the helmet was designed on the moment in "The Return of the Jedi" when Darth Vader's helmet is removed.

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Mighty Muggs

Hasbro is reviving its Mighty Muggs line of vinyl figures, with 50 characters planned that include the Star Wars and Marvel franchises. Each figure is $10 (roughly £8 or AU$13).

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Many moods

Mighty Muggs figures change their expression when their heads are pressed down. Here, Kylo Ren looks a little moody.

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Angry Rey

This Rey Mighty Muggs figure looks furious right now.

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Platinum Edition Leia

The Forces of Destiny line will add this Platinum Edition Leia Organa, which includes both the princess and an R2-D2 figure for $50 (roughly £40 and AU$65). The set will come out at the end of 2017.

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The Forces of Destiny edition of Padmé Amidala is releasing in late 2017, and will sell for $20 (roughly £15, AU$25).

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C'ai Threnalli

This new character from "The Last Jedi" is coming to Hasbro's Force Link line of toys that speak when held with a Force Link wristband. C'ai Threnalli will be out for the holidays for $8 (roughly £6 and AU$10).

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Finn's First Order outfit and Captain Phasma

Finn is dressed up in his First Order outfit and comes paired with Captain Phasma in this two-pack of Force Link figures. They will release for $15 (roughly £10 and AU$20) this holiday.

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Maz Kanata

This little 3.75-inch (9.5 centimeter) figure of Maz Kanata is also coming to the Force Link line this holiday for $8 (roughly £6 and AU$10).

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Anakin Skywalker

Sideshow Collectibles displayed lots of high-end Star Wars statues at NYCC, including this sixth-scale figure of Anakin Skywalker. He's set for release sometime between July and September 2018, and will cost $235 (roughly £180, AU$300).

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We don't know much about BB-9E yet, but this dark-colored droid from "The Last Jedi" will come in a sixth-scale figure that will ship in April to June 2018 for $103 (roughly £80, AU$130).

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Sideshow's sixth-scale figure of little droid BB-8 is also $103 (roughly £80, AU$130) with the same April to June 2018 release period as BB-9E.

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Young Luke Skywalker

This premium format statue of Luke Skywalker, as he is seen in the original trilogy of Star Wars films, is shipping in the April to June 2018 period for $560 (roughly £425, AU$720).

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Older Luke Skywalker

A sixth-scale figure of Luke Skywalker as he will appear in "The Last Jedi" is also on display, but pricing and shipping periods are not yet available.

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Executioner Trooper

The Executioner Trooper as seen in "The Last Jedi" will be available as a sixth-scale figure from Sideshow in the October to November 2017 time period, selling for $204 (roughly £155, AU$260).

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Jyn Erso

Sideshow's statue of Jyn Erso from "Rogue One" is coming starting in January 2018 for $500 (roughly £380, AU$645).

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Little Kylo Ren

Sideshow's sixth-scale figure of Kylo Ren, as he is seen in "The Last Jedi" is releasing in July 2018 for $235 (roughly £180, AU$300).

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This sixth-scale figure of Rey, as she will appear in "The Last Jedi," made a showing at New York Comic Con, but pricing and availability are not yet available.

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Han Solo

This statue of Han Solo will start shipping in May 2018 for $550 (roughly £420, AU$710).

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Boba Fett (Animated Version)

This sixth-scale figure of Boba Fett looks like the character did when he debuted in the 1978 "Star Wars Holiday Special." He was made available for preorder at New York Comic Con, and will start shipping in April 2018 for $235 (roughly £180, AU$300).

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Elite Praetorian Guard

Price and shipping date aren't yet available for this Sideshow Collectibles sixth-scale figure of the Elite Praetorian Guard from "The Last Jedi."

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Tamashii Nations Stormtrooper

Tamashii Nations often gives characters a samurai-style makeover, such as this Yari Ashigaru Storm Trooper on display at its New York Comic Con booth.

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Millennium Falcon

EFX's Millennium Falcon comes with a certificate of authenticity stating the ship was recreated using the original prop and reference materials. EFX's website lists the ship at $599 (roughly converting to £455, AU$770).

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40th-anniversary Stormtrooper

This EFX 40th-anniversary Stormtrooper helmet, also on display, costs $479 (roughly converting to £365 and AU$615).

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