Han Solo

Train your eyes on these digital steampunk Star Wars characters floating around in the imagination of U.K. artist Bjorn Hurri. Steampunk Han Solo rocks a burnside mustache and a copper pipe. Harrison Ford's epic chest hair still lives on.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri

Princess Leia

Don't stare too long at steampunk Leia. She doesn't like half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerf herders.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri


The steampunk version of C-3PO features an upgraded appearance and a bright red tie. Maybe that will finally give him the credibility he seeks while spouting off unnecessary statistics in times of crisis.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri

Boba Fett

Boba Fett looks cooler than ever in steampunk regalia, but we think his jetpack might need a tune-up.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri

Jabba the Hutt

His corpulence Jabba the Hutt enjoying some delicious Klatooine paddy frogs. Please get this man a Diet Coke.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri


Steampunk Yoda may have had too much "Force" in this picture. He's not bad looking for someone who's more than 800 years old.
Photo by: Bjorn Hurri


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