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Tusken Raiders are cat people too

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Garindan and the white rabbit

May the Fur-ce be with you

Imperial dog walker, at your service!

Fetch me some intel, Fido!

Tusken Raiders heart guinea pigs

Canada-based photographer Rohit Saxena celebrates the softer side of "Star Wars" with a series of photos for the Ottawa Humane Society of Stormtroopers, Tusken Raiders and Imperial spies posing with adoptable bunnies, cats, dogs and even guinea pigs.

Just because they live in tents in the desert doesn't mean Tusken Raiders can't take care of cats. But don't expect them to be able to get all that sand out of their pets' fur.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

Stormtroopers may never be able to locate the right droids, but leave it to this Imperial trooper to find the perfect pet. Here's hoping this cat is rewarded with a mouse droid.

"To me, the important thing is telling a fun and positive story about what animals shelters are and do, and the animals you'll meet there," photographer Rohit Saxena told CNET's Crave blog. "That said, I also love that it worked out that we had more 'Star Wars' villains, and that we got to see their soft and fun side."

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

To celebrate May the Fourth, Rohit Saxena photographed cosplayers from charity group the 501st Legion dressed as a Stormtrooper, a Tusken Raider and Imperial informant Garindan holding cute cats, dogs, bunnies and guinea pigs to promote adopting pets in Canada.

Even though Garindan spies for the Imperial forces, he still makes time to hug a rabbit. We're just wondering how he's going to get all the white hair off his black outfit.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

When Tusken Raiders aren't screaming at Luke Skywalker or kidnapping Anakin Skywalker's mom, they're content with giving dogs well-deserved scratches behind the ears.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

If Darth Vader had a dog, you can be rest assured that a trusted Stormtrooper would be in charge of walking him around the Death Star.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

Those pesky Rebels wouldn't have had much chance hiding from Darth Vader if Garindan had a dog that could collect clues to their whereabouts.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena

Even though Tusken Raiders are more apt to find lizards and reptiles around their desert campsite, we'd like to believe that at least one of them cares for an adorable pet guinea pig.

Caption by / Photo by Rohit Saxena