Kicking back in Spock's bed

As the birthplace of the immortal thespian William Shatner, Montreal has a strong link to "Star Trek": the Canadian city is where The Shat had his first exposure to acting before he went on to fame and fortune.

Quebec may have many "Star Trek" fans, but few are as passionate as Line Rainville. The social worker from Notre-Dame-des-Prairies, about an hour north of Montreal, has renovated her basement to look just like the Enterprise. The project has cost about $30,000.

This small basement bedroom is a re-creation of Spock's quarters, including the red curtains, homemade bedspread with metallic sheen, and the blue throw blanket.

Photo by: Line Rainville


This small antechamber to the living room in Rainville's basement was done up just like the transporter room on the Enterprise. It has motion sensors that trigger the transporter lights.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Spock's quarters

Aside from the photos of shipmates on the Enterprise, Rainville's Spock bedroom has a tricorder, 3D chess set, and a set of Vulcan bells.
Photo by: Line Rainville


Not only does the bathroom have an Enterprise-themed arch, it features a tiled Starfleet insignia in the shower.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Enterprise bath

The lighting and color scheme of Rainville's bathroom are right out of the original "Star Trek" set. The bathroom also incorporates features of the Enterprise sick bay and observation deck.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Mysterious bottles

This washbasin features something seen several times in the original "Star Trek" series: mysterious spray bottles of colored liquid.
Photo by: Line Rainville


Rainville's home has a corridor with an Enterprise-like red door, utility panel, intercom, and replicator. The doors don't slide apart, but there is the signature "swoosh" sound.
Photo by: Line Rainville

TV room/bridge

The TV room is the focal point of Rainville's "Star Trek"-themed basement suite. Done up like the Enterprise bridge, it has the red handrails, faux ceiling skylight, widescreen TV as the bridge viewscreen, and a Spock cutout.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Battle stations!

The left-hand wall of the living room includes an elaborate instrument panel, displays, and space art based on the bridge of the Enterprise.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Instrument panel

Another view of the instrument panel shows Spock's scanner display on the right.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Recreation room

Rainville's Enterprise recreation room has a white and metallic color scheme, and the counter is inlaid with a giant Starfleet insignia.
Photo by: Line Rainville

Bon appétit!

After a hard day's work, Enterprise crew make their way to the nearest rec room food replicator and sit down to a yummy meal of colored blocks. While seen several times in the original "Star Trek" series, the bizarre and completely unappetizing space food was never eaten.

But who knows? It might go well with this bottle of Saurian Brandy.

Photo by: Line Rainville


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