A view from the inside the Circuit City store in NYC's Union Square.
Laptops get 10-percent off, but we only saw a handful of models on display.
A fixed-configuration retail version of HP's Mini 1000 Netbook. At $404.99 it's actually a little less expensive than HP or Amazon, which sell the same model for $449.99.
Video games get a mere 10-percent off, and many older games still have their original $59.99 price tags.
"No" seems to be the operative word here.
Let's compare -- Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is $55.99, after a 20-percent discount.
Yet, right next door at the Virgin Megastore (and at Best Buy), it's $39.99.
Let's try again: Wireless Rock Band drums for the Nintendo Wii -- $71.99 after a 20-percent discount.
But at Virgin (and other stores) it's still $89.99, so score one for Circuit City.
Since iPods are generally never discounted, 10-percent off iPods and other digital music players is actually not a bad deal.
Looking for a DTV converter box? They've got plenty.
If you can't enough free video game hints online, strategy guides are 30-percent off.
Plenty of music games still in stock.
PC games also get a paltry 10-percent discount. Please, line up in an orderly fashion for your copies of Lord of the Rings Online.
We would have stocked up on cheap flash drives, but 10-percent off the already high prices didn't seem like a particularly good deal.
Hey, 30-percent off Monster Cables? More tempting, but still too expensive.
Game accessories have a decent discount, but there are only so many rubber Wiimote skins anyone needs.
On a Sunday afternoon, the store was fairly crowded. At least none of these people are being asked to buy an extended warranty.
A final reminder -- thanks for shopping and don't come back.


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