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Spotify's most played

It's that time of year where we all look back on the songs we loved and the earworms we thought we left behind.

Spotify has a ton of curated lists for 2016 in music, but the one you really care about is your personal most played.

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How to find yours

If you want to see the regrettable musical choices you made over and over again in 2016, fire up Spotify, go to the Browse tab, then Genres & Moods. Click 2016 Wrapped, and you should see the link to your personal playlist, Your Top Songs 2016.

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Luke Lancaster, CNET Australia

And now... on to our CNET editors' lists. We asked the CNET team to share their Top 5 picks, and a few thoughts behind them.

Luke says: It's just sad dude music and "Hamilton", the whole way down. I have no regrets.

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Jennifer Bisset, CNET Australia

Jennifer says: There's no hiding it, I like soundtracks. "Black Mirror", "The Hours" and "Humans" feature melancholy piano or melancholy synth.

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Dan Van Boom, CNET Australia

Dan says: You can tell from my playlist that I'm super late to multiple parties. Only jumped onto the Drake bandwagon earlier this year (jumped off after "Views". Eugh). Same with The Weeknd. One day I'll be with "it".

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Seamus Byrne, CNET Australia

Seamus says: My top two tracks are courtesy of my daughter's drum lessons, songs that were played three times a day during her daily practise sessions. Then Theshold is thanks to a Sonos alarm that has been used every day. Automation and repetition FTW.

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Dave Cheng, CNET Australia

Dave says: If the "Westworld" soundtrack came out earlier this year my playlist would be 100% Ramin Djawadi.

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Claire Reilly, CNET Australia

Claire says: Starting with the best banger The Darkness has ever released, ending with an Aussie folk classic...with plenty of "Hamilton" in between. Sounds like my kind of 2016.

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