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Sony RMN-U1: Wi-Fi touch-screen remote

You can use an iPhone or Android smartphone to control Sony's new HomeShare gadget, but the company also introduced this touch-screen Wi-Fi universal remote. It's also capable of controlling components via infrared signals, in addition to controlling HomeShare products via Wi-Fi. It's pricey at $300.

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Sony NAS-SV10i: iPod dock

The NAS-SV10i is a HomeShare-compatible iPod dock, design to be connected to a separate home audio system, such as an AV receiver. Using HomeShare, you can wirelessly stream audio from any app on your phone, or music stored on your phone, from the NAS-SV10i to another HomeShare device. It comes out in March for $230.

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Sony NAS-SV20i: iPod speaker system

The Sony NAS-SV20i is similar to the NAS-SV20i, except it adds a built-in speaker, so you don't need a separate audio system.

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Sony SA-NS300: Wireless speaker

The SA-NS-300 is small HomeShare-compatible speaker that you can stream audio to from other HomeShare and DLNA-compatible devices. It's also coming out in March for about $200.

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Sony SA-NS400: Wireless speaker

The SA-NS400 is basically the same as the SA-NS400, except it's larger. It will cost around $300.

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