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Sony doesn't shy away from accessories for its new Xperia Tablet S. Prices for the tablet start at $399 for 16GB of storage. Pictured here is the Cover with Keyboard, which performs triple duty, acting as tablet cover, keyboard, and stand for $99.
Photo by: Sony

The stand

The $99 Docking Stand features three USB ports and an HDMI-out port.
Photo by: Sony

Rocking the Docking

Here's the stand again as it would appear while using it and an optional keyboard accessory. I'd imagine the screen would have something more interesting on it, however.
Photo by: Sony


Sony's remote control software looks pretty much as it did on the original Tablet S. Like before, I feel a less busy interface would have been ideal.
Photo by: Sony

Watch now

Watch Now will act as a TV guide, showing you the current TV listings, but also suggesting new shows based on your preferences and other social trends.
Photo by: Sony

Toned down

Sony has thankfully toned down its Android tablet skin used on its previous tablets. The new interface is a lot cleaner and more practical.
Photo by: Sony

Guest mode

Guest Mode is essentially a simple way to set up user accounts with different levels of accessibility to apps.
Photo by: Sony


Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

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