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Sony's just busted out a brand-new M-series netbook that'll join its X series, W series, P series and TZ series machines in the fight to become the nation's favourite miniature laptop. That's almost as many series as The Simpsons.

This one doesn't appear to bring anything new to the table though. It'll use the netbook de facto Intel N450 CPU, 1GB of DDR2 667MHz RAM, a 250GB hard drive, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a 10.1-inch, 1,026x600-pixel display. That'll be wrapped in a 1.4kg chassis, finished in a choice of either black or white.

We're seeing more innovation in the paperclip industry than in the world of netbooks, but we guess the M series will appeal to users who are loyal to the Sony brand and can't quite bring themselves to buy an Eee PC.

The M series will be available later this month for around £300. In the meantime, click through for another stunningly interesting picture.

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The screen bezel seems rather fat, but the keyboard appears to have all its buttons in the right place, which is handy.
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