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Same body

In case you can't remember what the A77V looks like, it looks almost exactly like this.

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Mode changes

In a sign of the times, Sony dropped the 3D mode and replaced the single Memory Recall slot (which led to 3 settings) with individual slots for each group of settings. Definite win. It also incorporates the new multi-interface hot shoe as part of Sony's phasing out of the old Konica-Minolta shoe.

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Bye bye, GPS

Sony dropped the GPS hardware -- and logo --  from the camera, replacing it with Wi-Fi.

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C is for Custom

The back control buttons are less bulbous looking that before, and the help button's been replaced with a programmable control. Also, that Phone icon near the Function button, for Wi-Fi connections, used to provide manual image rotation.

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The NFC logo is where you place your mobile device to trigger a Wi-Fi connection between the two.

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