Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive

Cushy Xtra Bass headphones at the Sony booth. The MDR-XB300, MDR-XB500 and MDR-XB700 feature king-size ear cushions for maximum comfort.
Photo by: Sarah Tew/CBS Interactive
Sony headphones could take ear muffs in a fight any day. The 'phones, which offer XB diaphragm driver units ranging between 30-50mm, will be available in February with pricing from $50 to $130.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive
The XB collection will also include earbud style headphones (MDR-XB20EX and MDRXB40EX) with hybrid silicone ear tips for a better fit.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive
Each model includes a carrying pouch and features a cord measuring 1.2 meters in length. Pricing is set at $40 and $60.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive
Not headphones, but the Sony X-Series Walkman under glass. Sony wouldn't let us take the new touch screen player out of the display, but the interface looked nice from afar.
Photo by: Sarah Tew / CBS Interactive


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