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Compact design

Camcorders in this class tend to be a little small for people with large hands. You may want to consider the larger-gripped XR150 if you're one of them. It has a manual built-in lens cover, which if you're like me, you'll probably forget to use.

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The zoom switch is pretty well-balanced, and comfortable for maintaining a steady zoom rate. On top, there's also a photo button and a rather hard-to-press mode button for switching between still and video.

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Beneath a door you'll find the USB and mini-HDMI connectors; the charging connector and proprietary AV jack are under a door on the outside of the body.

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Minimalist controls

It has the usual set of buttons: direct DVD burn (via software when connected to a PC), playback, power, and iAuto on the body inside the LCD.

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In the menu system, you can put six menu choices on a custom menu that pops up before you enter the full menu listing, with different custom menus appearing for video, still, and playback modes. I still find the straightforward but endless scrolling list confusing and tedious to navigate.

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