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Each Alva is a custom LED lamp modeled after Thomas Edison's original creation.
Photo by: Kickstarter


Dodecado is a fun, interactive LED light fixture that you can mold to suit you mood.
Photo by: Kickstarter

Forever LED Light

Forever LED Light's line of bulbs have a lifetime guarantee. Apparently, that's a first.
Photo by: Indiegogo

Heat Pipe Lamp

The Heat Pipe Lamp claims to disperse 330 degrees of light compared with other LEDs' paltry 140-160 degrees.
Photo by: Indiegogo


Ilumi is a neat lighting concept that sounds akin to the Philips Hue. But can it compete?
Photo by: Kickstarter


LIFX is a true Kickstarter success story. It far exceeded its $100,000 funding goal and has begun shipping its connected bulbs all over the world.
Photo by: Kickstarter


Lightree is a cute lamp concept made of LEDs and eco-friendly materials. And you can adjust the colors to suit your changing moods.
Photo by: Kickstarter


The NanoLight uses 12 watts of electricity and yields 1,600 lumens. That's powerful for sure, but is it the "most energy efficient LED bulb on the planet" as its creators claim?
Photo by: Kickstarter

The Question Block Lamp

Does The Question Block Lamp look familiar? That's because it comes straight from your childhood memories of 8-bit gaming.
Photo by: Kickstarter

Ube WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer

The Ube WiFi Connected Smart Light Dimmer can be controlled remotely using the Ube app. It reminds us of the Belkin WeMo Light Switch (with the added bonus of a dimmer).
Photo by: Kickstarter

ZG-1: LED lighting system

Who said the light emitter and light diffuser have to be joined at the hip? The ZG-1 bulb separates the two and turns the light bulb into its own nifty light fixture.
Photo by: Indiegogo


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