Starburst Galaxy

Artist Jimmy McBride designs quilts with space and sci-fi-movie themes. This one, "Starburst Galaxy," measures 38 inches by 50 inches and goes for $1,750.
Photo by: Jimmy McBride

The Cone Nebula

"The Cone Nebula," which costs $2,000, measures 52 inches by 46 inches.
Photo by: Jimmy McBride

Milky Way

Snuggling up with "Milky Way" will cost you $1,000. The quilt measures 87 inches by 95 inches.
Photo by: Jimmy McBride

Attack on the V838 Energy Collectors

"Attack on the V838 Energy Collectors" is 59 inches by 45 inches, with a price tag of $1,500.
Photo by: Jimmy McBride

The Crab Nebula

The artist calls this quilt "The Crab Nebula."
Photo by: Jimmy McBride


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