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Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition


Availability: September 1

The outlook: The Misfit Shine Swimmer's Edition includes a special algorithm that was designed in partnership with Speedo and is capable of counting your laps. Just like previous Shine models, this version is water resistant up to 50 meters (165 feet), has LED lights on the top to display goal progress, and has a battery that lasts up to six months.

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Huawei Watch

Price: $349 - $799

Availability: September 17

The outlook: The Huawei Watch is one of the best looking Android Wear watches to date. It's designed with stainless steel and is also the first Android Wear watch to feature a sapphire crystal display, which should make it harder to scratch. The watch will be available in silver, black or rose-gold-plated with your choice of a leather strap, link bracelet or mesh band.

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Apple Watch

Price: Starts $349

Availability: Available now. Watch OS 2.0 update set to arrive in mid-September.

The outlook: We know, it's not new or coming out soon. The Apple Watch was released back in July, but in mid-September it will be receiving a major software update. WatchOS version 2.0 will greatly improve apps by allowing developers to access the heart-rate monitor and other sensors. It will also include a number of new watch faces, a special Nightstand mode and a Time Travel feature to look at upcoming appointments, alarms and events.

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Moto 360 Fashion

Price: $249 - $429

Availability: Late September

The outlook: The Moto 360 Fashion is designed to look like a traditional watch.This Android Wear device is available in two sizes: a 46mm model with a 22mm strap and a 42mm model with a 20mm. There's also a special women's collection that features a 42mm body and a slimmer 16mm strap. You can also choose from different straps, colors and bezels with Motorola's Moto Maker software.

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Moto 360 Sport

Price: TBD

Availability: Motorola will announce additional details in October.

The outlook: The Moto 360 Sport is designed for fitness fanatics, with a sportier look and a silicone strap. The watch has all the same features as the Fashion model, but adds GPS to track pace, distance and speed when running and cycling, and a new display technology that makes it easier to see the screen in any environment.

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Samsung Gear S2

Price: TBD

Availability: October for the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic. TBD for the 3G model.

The outlook: Samsung's latest smartwatch doesn't run Android Wear, but rather Tizen, Samsung's own in-house operating system. The watch has an accelerometer and gyroscope to track your steps, and there's a heart-rate sensor on the back. It also includes NFC for contactless payments. Samsung claims the battery will last you for up to three days, which is better than many Android Wear watches and the Apple Watch, too.

The Gear S2 will be available in two different styles. The main model is called the Gear S2 and features a more modern design. Then there's the Gear S2 Classic, which as you can guess from the name has a more traditional watch look. There's also a 3G-enabled version of the Gear S2, which means it'll be able to make calls without being tethered to a phone.

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