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Yale Real Living Touchscreen Deadbolt

Let's start with Yale's line of touchpad smart locks. Each one will let you assign different codes to different users, then track who's coming and going in a companion app. The newest generation goes all-in on those touchpad smarts, eliminating the keyway altogether.

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Kwikset Obsidian

The Kwikset Obsidian is another key-free smart lock that'll hit the market this year. It's got a slick, minimalist design, and absolutely no place to put a key whatsoever.

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Kwikset Kevo

Now in its second generation, the Kwikset Kevo is a Bluetooth deadbolt that pairs with your phone. Touch it, and it'll scan for that Bluetooth connection, then let you in.

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Kwikset Premis

Kwikset also makes the Premis, a touchpad smart lock that works with Apple HomeKit. That means you can lock and unlock it using Siri voice commands.

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Schlage Sense

Schlage was actually first to market with a HomeKit-compatible deadbolt.

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August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is another option that works with Apple HomeKit. It isn't actually a deadbolt, but rather, a deadbolt-turning gadget that fits over your existing lock hardware.

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August Smart Lock Mortise Kit

August now offers a kit that works with mortise locks. They're more common in commercial settings and apartment complexes, so for now, it's available only for locksmiths, building owners and commercial dealers.

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Latch M-Series Smart Lock

The New York-based startup Latch is taking a similar approach with its own camera-equipped smart mortise lock. It's headed to businesses and apartments this year.

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