Main Revolv screen

The first screen you see when you launch the Revolv app. Here you can see quickly which devices you have linked up. Double tap the icon to power the device on and off, or to trigger a preset single-tap to open up a device-specific screen with more granular control.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Revolv device list

This screen shows you another view of the devices on your network, as well as some basic information like brightness level in the case of these Philips lights. Other device listings display status, temperature, etc., as appropriate.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Preset list

Here's the list of presets you've created. Click to see which devices you've assigned to a certain action, or add more devices.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Adding devices is easy

Revolv doesn't support every smart home device out there, but impressively, it had no problem finding and adding those it does support. Revolv says it has support for about 2,000 different devices now, and that list will grow as the smart home market expands.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Device list

Revolv will locate and add some devices automatically. Others you need to search for and add manually.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Yale Z-Wave smart lock interface

The simple controls for the lock interface.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Nest Learning Thermostat interface

Nest controls let you change the temperature setting and turn the thermostat to heating or cooling mode. You'd need to set up a separate GPS-based location trigger to turn it to away mode.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Philips Hue Connected Bulb interface

The Philips Hue interface lets you turn one bulb at a time on and off, and adjust its brightness level.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Philips Hue Connected Bulb color selector

This color wheel lets you change bulb color. The Revolv presets will let you control multiple bulbs at once and set triggers based on your location, a preset time, or a motion detector (if you have one on your network).
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET

Timer setting

The Revolv's preset options are adequate, and you can tie multiple devices together to perform various actions in concert based on a single trigger. It doesn't have more-advanced options, like IFTTT support, but the company says it's possible programming options will expand in a future software update.
Photo by: Rich Brown/CNET


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