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Color Me Easter Free

Let the kids color Easter eggs--without the mess. Designed for younger kids, Color Me Easter comes with an assortment of pictures to color and a one-touch coloring system: tap to choose a color, then tap to fill in an area with that color. (Free)

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Doodle Jump: Hop The Movie

The new kids' movie "Rio" hitched its tie-in wagon to Angry Birds, with great success. The lesser-known "Hop" went the Doodle Jump route, and the results are no less entertaining. Tilt your iDevice to control E.B. (the Easter Bunny's son) as he hops ever higher, gathering power-ups and, of course, Easter eggs. It's relentlessly fun, just like the original on which it's based. (Free)

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Easter Egg Matching

Nothing beats a good match game, and Easter Egg Matching delivers plenty of Easter-themed matching for kids and adults alike. You can choose between six, 10, and 15 pairs of eggs, and play a "classic" or timed game. Each difficulty level even has its own leaderboard, a nice touch. (99 cents)

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Egg Dyeing 101 from Martha Stewart Living

You know Martha doesn't just dunk her eggs in a PAAS coloring kit and call it a day. In the new Egg Dyeing 101 app, she offers up 101 unique egg designs, complete with how-to photos or video for each one. Martha also teaches you how to blow out eggs and create dazzling dyes. It's a must-have for the craft-minded egg decorator. (99 cents)

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Egg vs. Chicken

A clever and amusing twist on Plants vs. Zombies, Egg vs. Chicken challenges you to arrange your eggs in like colors and then fling them at relentless hordes of foul, well, fowl. The newly updated Easter Egg Hunt Edition features eggs you can hunt for to unlock extra levels. (99 cents)

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit Special Easter Edition

"The Tale of Peter Rabbit" isn't an inherently Easter-themed story, but this app makes the leap by adding an Easter egg to each black-and-white illustration. When dragged to a designated "hidden" object, the full-color version is revealed. Plus, kids can color the illustrations themselves--so it's like a storybook and coloring book in one app. (99 cents)

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