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Selfly Camera made for high-flying selfies just about anywhere

Currently a fully funded Kickstarter project with a promised ship date of June 2017, this little quad uses the power of your phone to take the perfect aerial selfie.

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The Selfly is a small folding quadcopter that tucks into the back of a specially designed phone case. Controlled with your phone, the copter has an 8-megapixel camera for photos and full HD video at 30 fps.

The fully funded Kickstarter project promises to ship this June. At the moment, an early-bird pledge of $89, or about £70 or AU$115, gets you the flying camera and a phone case.

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Take it with you everywhere

The Selfly is designed to be with you all the time. The company says it will have specific cases for the iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7,/7 Plus, Galaxy S6/S6 Edge, Galaxy 7/7 Edge and Nexus 6. The company also plans a universal folio phone case for all 4-to-6 inch phones.

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9mm thick

The case with the drone is only 9mm (0.4 in) thick. That will fit into a pocket, but it's still pretty bulky. Maybe it's not something you want to use on your phone every day.

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Ready to fly

You just pull the drone from the case and it's ready for takeoff.

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Folding props

The quad's little motors cleverly fold down into the body.

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Fly with your phone

Like any good selfie drone, the Selfly is piloted with your phone. According to founder and CEO Dr. Hagay Klein, the app will have onscreen control sticks as well as automatic piloting options to get specific shots.

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8-megapixel camera

Connected to your phone via Wi-Fi, you get a low-res live stream to your screen so you can set up your shots. A high-res version is stored locally until you transfer to your phone.

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Auto-piloting stabilization system

The sensors on the bottom allow for stable flight without GPS.

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Fold and go

When you've got your shot, just fold the drone back into the case.

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Battery built in

Like a lot of toy drones this size, the Selfly only gets about 5 minutes of flight. Plus, the battery is built in, so you can't even swap in a fresh pack.

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Is that a drone in your pocket...

The case and drone together are expected to weigh in at 70 gm (2.5 oz).

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Selfly arrives in June

Once the early bird packages are sold out, you'll be able to get a Selfly for $99 until the end of the campaign on March 10. After the Kickstarter ends, the Selfly will sell for $139. Those are all really good prices for what you're getting, assuming it performs as promised. Klein says all of the tech involved is based on existing technologies so the challenges heading into production are low.

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