Downhill Jam's sloping tracks start up here, where skaters drop into a quarter-pipe to pick up momentum.
When grinding down a long rail, players must rock and twist their Wii-mote to keep their balance.
Like all Tony Hawk games, Downhill Jam exaggerates skaters' skills for entertainment value. It's not a good idea to actually grind down a highway rail that's on the edge of a 50-foot drop.
THDJ's downhill tracks, massive jumps, and stylized special trick meter will remind gamers of another game featuring a boy and his board.
You won't be the only skater on the hill in Downhill Jam. If a competitor interferes with your run, you can throw some elbows to knock him off his board.
Like previous Tony Hawk games, friends can enjoy split-screen action and find out who's the better video-game skater.
Downhill Jam's huge hills and long tracks will let players catch more speed than in any Tony Hawk game to date.
Nothing softens hands like using them to brake while flying down pavement.
I don't know who this skater is, but he looks both radical and extreme.


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