Using strategy and finding cover helps a lot, but so does pulling the trigger until you hear a click.
Alien soldiers aren't the only threat in Resistance. Giant bugs require giant guns for swatting.
Just keep firing. That Chimeran soldier will die sooner or later. Or at least one of you will.
These Chimeran snipers and their mounted guns show just how far the PS3 can render action in a large area. They also show why it's important to look up.
It wouldn't be a real alien invasion without giant robot tanks. Unlike the huge bug-monster seen before, this massive beast is metal.
Resistance: Fall of Man is rated M for a very good reason; you'll be seeing a fair amount of gore in this game.
Expect multiple firefights at the same time in Resistance. A main force could be trading bullets in a battlefield, while smaller squads duke it out for control over vital higher ground overlooking the area.
It's usually not a very good idea to fly inches above the rooftops. However, if you know you're going to crash anyway, you might as well set yourself up to fall the shortest distance.
Resistance takes place in an alternate time line, in a world where fighting aliens--instead of Nazis-- is the primary military struggle of the age. Expect to see more rocket launchers and flamethrowers than laser guns and spaceships.
Colors aren't a big feature of Resistance. Most scenes will be brown, gray, gray blue, more brown, more gray, and occasionally some sepia thrown in for some old-time photograph-style goodness.


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