Scenes from Grand Theft Auto V (pictures)

The latest pictures from the highly anticipated video game, courtesy of developer Rockstar Games.

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Lightning strike

Developer Rockstar Games continues to tease the public with screenshots of Grand Theft Auto V, which is set to debut on September 17.

Rockstar today released 10 new screenshots from the highly anticipated fifth edition. We've added them to our gallery of all the screenshots released so far. Grand Theft Auto V takes place in Los Santos, a fictionalized version of modern-day Los Angeles, and includes a chunk of the Southern California area. Plus, the screenshots reveal a few details about the main characters. Previous GTA titles sold like hotcakes, owing to the massive open-world zones. If these screenshots (and the previously released trailer) indicate anything, it seems this fifth installment in the series could blow away previous versions of GTA in dimension and gameplay.

In this photo, a bolt of lightning illuminates the city while large waves crash upon a beach and pier.

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Los Santos sunset

The setting sun paints the sky with a beautiful range of red and orange hues.
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Free fall

Players may have the opportunity to leap from great heights in Grand Theft Auto V.
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Deep sea dive

Grand Theft Auto V could provide a unique underwater experience, which would be a first for the series.
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Pure chaos

When the going gets tough, sometimes you just have to bust out a chain gun to get the job done.
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Light from above

When you commit crimes in Grand Theft Auto, it doesn't take long for the police to arrive. Once the helicopters show up, you're pretty much a goner unless you have some serious skills.
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Stunning landscapes

Despite the easy opportunity for creating calamity in the city, Grand Theft Auto V also offers some spectacular views of the wild.
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The getaway

Trevor (seen here), another playable character in Grand Theft Auto V, flees from police in a motorcycle. According to Rockstar Games, "Trevor's a career criminal and extremely volatile individual, prone to destructive outbursts and violent rampages. He's easily the most psychopathic criminal to ever share the lead in a Grand Theft Auto game, but he's not without some charm. Trevor is also ex-military and an experienced pilot."
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Wind farm

A sports car makes a high-speed jaunt down a highway near a farm of windmills.
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Serious style

Michael (seen here), a playable character in Grand Theft Auto V, differs from the average hoodlum running around the city. According to Rockstar Games, "Michael is a veteran bank robber, an expert, with the kind of knowledge that only comes from years as a successful career criminal. He's now retired, living comfortably in an unofficial sort of witness protection program."
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A collaboration

Michael and an unknown character meet up to discuss business in a scenic spot overlooking Los Santos.
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A beautiful day in the neighborhood

In Grand Theft Auto V, life in Los Santos can appear quite normal -- until you enter the scene.
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Off road

Trevor tries to elude police in a four-wheeler. Does anyone else have a feeling that he breaks the law a lot?
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Great white

Don't spend too much time underwater, or a supersized shark might make a quick meal out of you.
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Man's best friend

Franklin, the third playable character in Grand Theft Auto V, cruises down the street with his dog. According to Rockstar Games, "Franklin works as a repo man for an Armenian luxury car dealership that runs scams on ambitious young hot shots with new money, selling them expensive cars they can't afford. When they can't make their payments but want to keep their cars, it's Franklin's job to get them back. Franklin lives in South Los Santos."
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Yellow submarine

The Grand Theft Auto series always has a large array of exotic vehicles for your pleasure, but this marks the first time we've ever seen a submarine in the series.
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Escort service

We can't say for sure what's going on in this photo, but it appears that this jumbo jet is being escorted by a fighter jet. Do you think there's a hijacking in progress?
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The call

Michael, Trevor, and Franklin all appear together in this scene, most likely finalizing a very important business deal.
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Hot pursuit

In this shot, we observe that fateful moment when everything goes wrong. Breaking the law in this video game results in the police chasing you incessantly, which sometimes produces more entertainment than the actual story line of the game.

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A joy ride

Grand Theft Auto V could offer several aircraft options, but developer Rockstar hasn't announced anything official yet. We admire the stunning detail of the water seen in this screenshot, while the high amount of anti-aliasing produces a very realistic image.
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The heist

In this capture, an unknown character in Grand Theft Auto V hangs on to the side of a vehicle transport truck. Perhaps he's getting ready to steal one of the cars within, or just wanted to hitch a ride.
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Running out of options

When the fuzz has a helicopter trained on you, only a few options exist: run for your life or fight back. In this image from Grand Theft Auto V, we see an unknown character pointing an automatic weapon with a laser attachment at a pursuing helicopter. If you choose this route in the game, make sure your shots count.
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Dirt track

One of the latest screenshots added to the Grand Theft Auto V collection reveals several individuals riding dirt bikes near some serious rock formations. Many past GTA games include usable motorcycles, which we consider one of the most enjoyable ground vehicles in the game (and an effective cop deterrent).

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A friendly game

This idyllic scene in GTA V, most likely set in the Hollywood Hills, reveals a couple playing tennis by a mansion. Perhaps a tennis mini-game awaits? Future players, try not to careen a vehicle down into this area while driving, as that might cause a serious disruption to the match. Or, if you prefer, get your disrupt on. Just try not to make things too messy.

While the overall aesthetics of this residence may impress most people, eagle eyes might notice lackluster shrubbery. Crave speculates this shot is derived from a console version of GTA V and doesn’t reflect the graphic possibilities available with the probable PC version.

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Embarking on an embankment

In this screen capture, we see a unique situation in GTA V, where the player parachutes near a river surrounded by mountains. The quality of the parachute seemingly hints at a planned jump, so this scenario could occur during a mission or after ejecting out of a hijacked plane.
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Cyclo-cross in the city

Tour de Los Santos? Gamers can ride bicycles in GTA V’s version of Los Angeles. Rockstar Games originally kicked off bike riding in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
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Fast feline

This stylish blue car actually exists in various forms across five iterations of the Grand Theft Auto video game series. Previous "Cheetahs" resembled Ferrari sports cars, but the GTA Wiki suggests the latest model looks like a Koenigsegg Agera/CCX.
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Highway to the danger zone

We can't say for sure if gamers can fly fighter jets in GTA V, but if so, developer Rockstar Games sure gives plenty of missiles to play with.
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Peace and quiet

It's hard to believe that tranquility can exist in GTA V, but this scene demonstrates that peace exists -- until you enter the scene.
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The fuzz

Known as Los Santos in the Grand Theft Auto world, this Los Angeles-inspired backdrop in GTA V looks quite realistic with its dramatic sunset amid the polluted haze. Scoundrels should familiarize themselves with the police helicopters, as they appear quickly if you end up on the wrong side of the law.

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