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Zuckerberg rings the bell

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is shown today after ringing the ceremonial Nasdaq bell from company headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif. COO Sheryl Sandberg and VP Chris Cox hug in the background.

Click on for more photos posted last night and this morning to Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline.

Photo by: Facebook

World is more connected

Angel investor Pejman Nozad congratulates all his friends at Facebook, saying the "world is more connected and a better place to live with Facebook!"
Photo by: Facebook

The Facebook IPO - It's official

"It's official! Exciting day! Now some sleep, then back to work!" a poster to Zuckerberg's Facebook Timeline wrote in a caption for this photo.
Photo by: Facebook

"We stand, applaud and thank Mark"

"We stand, applaud, and thank Mark for the opportunities he's given us," a caption read on this photo posted to Zuckerberg's Timeline.

Mark Zuckerberg commented on the photo "This was a really touching moment for me. Glad you captured it."
Photo by: Facebook

Hughes and Zuckerberg in 2004

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes and Mark Zuckerberg in 2004.
Photo by: Facebook

Facebook circa 2005

It's come a long way. This is a view of the Facebook site in early in 2005.
Photo by: Facebook

Chris Hughes, Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg in 2004

Co-founder Chris Hughes posted this photo of himself from 2004 with Dustin Moskovitz and Mark Zuckerberg with the caption "Eight years incredible day for Facebook and everyone who has been a part of it."
Photo by: Facebook

Zuckerberg after ringing the Nasdaq bell

Another shot of Zuckerberg after ringing the ceremonial Nasdaq bell remotely from Facebook's Menlo Park HQ.
Photo by: Facebook

Group photo at Facebook HQ

Zuckerberg, center, is surrounded by his Facebook crew.
Photo by: Facebook

Getting ready to fly a new Facebook flag

Zuckerberg at Facebook headquarters getting ready to fly a new Facebook flag adorned with the globe, messages, and friend request icons.
Photo by: Facebook

Ringing the bell

Another shot of Zuckerberg ringing the ceremonial Nasdaq bell as employees watched on the big screen.
Photo by: Facebook

"Mark talks to us about staying focused"

A poster captioned this shot: "Mark talks to us about staying focused and building cool things as we get ready to hack our way towards sunrise and the Nasdaq opening bell."
Photo by: Facebook

Back to work!

Zuckerberg celebrates a new era as it starts trading on the Nasdaq in a wave of excitement.
Photo by: Facebook


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