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Kyocera Kona keeps it simple

A compact design

Around the edges

That familiar feeling

Info in a jiffy

Just the basics

Snapping a few pics

What you'll get inside

For Cricket customers looking for a handset that can do just the necessities, the $29.99 Kyocera Kona is worth considering. Available without contract, the device sports a respectable camera, Internet connectivity, and a comfortable dial pad.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The minimalistic clamshell device is simple and compact. It measures 3.94 inches tall, 2.05 inches wide, and 0.69 inch thick, and it has no problem fitting into the front pockets of your jeans.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

On its left are a Micro-USB port and a volume rocker. Here, the right edge houses a 3.5mm headphone jack and two holes to loop a lanyard or charm through.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The hinging mechanism is sturdy, and like most flip phones, there's nothing like that satisfying snap that comes with shutting the Kona closed. The internal display measures 2.4 inches and has a 320x240-pixel resolution.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

On the front is a 1.44-inch LCD color display. Its 128x128-pixel resolution suffices to display pertinent information quickly, such as the date, time, reception, and battery levels.

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Applications include a Web browser, a navigator, a media gallery, a calendar, Bluetooth, a clock with alarm functions, a stopwatch, a countdown timer, a world clock, two voice services, and a games and apps portal. You can view these apps either through a list view or as menu icons.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

The 2-megapixel camera doesn't have a flash and cannot record video. It has very few options, but it does include five picture modes (like night/dark and mirror image); a 12x digital zoom; a self-timer; and the ability to manually or auto-adjust the brightness, sharpness, and contrast.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET

Powering the device is a 870mAh battery. You'll also get 256MB of ROM and 128MB of RAM.

Caption by / Photo by Josh Miller/CNET
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