San Diego Comic-Con 2015's best exclusive items (pictures)

There are a ton of exclusives available for purchase at Comic-Con next week. Here are some of the best.

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San Diego Comic-Con is happening next week, and with it comes a wave of exclusive items from popular comics, shows, and games. SDCC is a massive convention, so it's always difficult to know exactly what will be sold and from whom. But if you're interested in collecting items from your favorite shows or games, you'll want to keep a lookout while you're there. That's why we've gathered some of the best Comic-Con exclusives that'll be sold on the convention floor.

2 of 13 Bandai

Bandai America Incorporated: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Legacy Saba Saber -- $175.00

"The ultimate Mighty Morphin Power Rangers dream collector's piece: Limited Black Edition Legacy Saba Saber, exclusively for San Diego Comic-Con. This full size collector's edition of Tommy Oliver's Saber is made of premium black and gold materials and die cast parts. Saba's eyes light up and his mouth moves to six phrases, recorded by original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers voice talent Tony Oliver! And relive Tommy’s greatest battles with battle sounds and the Mighty Morphin theme song. This Limited Black Edition Saba Saber is individually numbered and in a handsome collector's box. Available exclusively at the Bandai America booth at San Diego Comic-Con. Limited quantities available each day."

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Blizzard: World of Warcraft Murloc Vinyl Figures -- $35.00

"The only thing better than Funko’s green Pop! Murloc is an all-new three-pack exclusive featuring never-before-seen blue, pink and orange murlocs! Be sure to grab a set now before they swim away forever!"

4 of 13 Bluefin

Bluefin: Iron Man Shotgun Figure -- $160.00

"The Super Alloy 1/12 Scale Shotgun is a fully articulated figurine made of 75% die-cast metal with interchangeable accessories, and LED light features in the eyes and chest. A Hyper Velocity Traveling Suit, the Mark 40 is currently the fastest suit of the Iron Legion, and can reach speeds in excess of Mach 5. Shotgun will be available in limited quantities for purchase at SDCC 2015, 1 month ahead of its worldwide release in August 2015."

5 of 13 Crazy Cat Collectibles/Das Toyz

Crazy Cat Collectibles/Das Toyz: Stan Lee Signed Figure -- $299.95

"This official Das Toyz 1:6 Scale Figure. The articulated action figure comes wearing a dark sports jacket, white shirt and gray pants with a belt. In addition to a display stand, the package comes stuffed with an extra interchangeable head, extra posing hands, a spare pair of glasses, two rings, a wristwatch and a handkerchief. This figure isn't due till later on this year but we will have a few of them on hand. You can only get them at SDCC. All the figures purchased will be signed by the man himself, Stan Lee. As an added bonus, we've inserted random boxes inscribed with his famous phrase 'Excelsior' along with his signature!!"

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Dark Horse Comics: Dragon Age Inquisition Playing Cards -- $8.00

"Series two of the Dragon Age Inquisition Playing Cards, this deck includes 52 cards and 2 Jokers."

7 of 13 Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Link Figure -- $60.00

"It's dangerous to go alone, so take Link! This limited edition The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Link Variant 20-Inch Premium Action Figure Convention Exclusive from Entertainment Earth features Link as he appears in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This exclusive variant stands tall with premium metallic silver chainmail you won't find on any other Link figures at this scale, rich gold trim on his scabbard, shiny metallic silver buttons, and his traditional green outfit. Link's Hylian Shield sports a golden Triforce, special gold and silver paint not available anywhere else, and a Master Sword painted to match! Link comes packaged in a stunning golden box, just like the classic golden Zelda cartridges for the NES and Nintendo 64."

8 of 13 Factory Entertainment

Factory Entertainment: George R. R. Martin Talking Plush Figure -- $60.00

"George R.R. Martin may not be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year, but with help from Factory Entertainment, you can experience the next best thing. Adorned in armor and wielding a battle-axe, George has never been more prepared to kill your favorite character! Our Convention Exclusive Deluxe Talking Plush Signature Edition features 10 audio quotes recorded exclusively for it by Mr. Martin himself and comes with a numbered limited-edition collector card hand-signed by George!"

9 of 13 Fat Rabbit Farm

Fat Rabbit Farm: Boba Fett and Ewok Babee Plush Set -- $139.00

"Exclusive, handmade collector's plush. Limited edition. Size (measurements are approximate): 15.5(L) x 17(W) x 4.5(D)."

10 of 13 Gentle Giant

Gentle Giant: Star Wars: Droids R2-D2 Figure -- $100.00

"Branching off from the Star Wars Movie Universe Jumbo Figures, this SDCC 2015 Exclusive from Gentle Giant LTD. represents everyone's favorite Astro Mech, R2-D2 from the animated series Star Wars: Droids. This figure was digitally scanned from mint 3-3/4" Kenner originals and scaled to Jumbo Size while maintaining all of the figure's details. The Star Wars: Droids R2-D2 Jumbo Figure will even feature a jumbo replica of the coin that came with the original figures! This limited-edition jumbo figure is priced at $100."

11 of 13 Symbiote Studios

Symbiote Studios: Warframe Excalibur Figure -- $29.99

"Based on Warframe, the groundbreaking game from Digital Extremes, this Warframe Excalibur figure exemplifies the sheer strength and power that Excalibur exudes. Symbiote Studios is pleased to offer you this first chance to own this figure in a whopping 4 inches of cuteness. Comes with gun, sword accessories and code for in game use. Officially licensed from Digital Extremes, you won't find a Warframe figure like this anywhere else."

12 of 13 UDON

UDON Entertainment: Limited Edition Street Fighter Art Book -- $100.00

"Akiman, the legendary Street Fighter artist, is coming to San Diego Comic-Con! Best known as the creator of Chun-Li and other fan-favorite Street Fighters. To celebrate this event, UDON is offering a very limited edition of the SF25 art book in hardcover format with Akiman's Chun-Li artwork gracing the cover!"

13 of 13 Upper Deck

Upper Deck: Marvel Daredevil Poster -- $99.00

"Attention Daredevil Fans & Marvel Collectors! Upper Deck introduces the first in a collection of limited, hand numbered posters featuring all original art of your favorite characters. The first release, available exclusively at Comic-Con, depicts Daredevil in an original piece of 24" x 36" full color art, silk screen printed onto 100# cover stock paper and hand numbered. This incredible piece is perfect for any home theater, game room, or fan cave."

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