Comic-Con 2014: Legos, superheroes, and nerds unite (pictures)

Here are some scenes from this year's San Diego Comic-Con, featuring costumes and comics alongside full-size Bat-cycles and a 12-foot-tall Lord Business.

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Through the tech viewfinder

Ben Wolstenholme, CEO and co-founder of digital comics reader and marketplace app Madefire, photographs eager attendees as they rush in to the San Diego Convention Center on Comic-Con's Preview Night.

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Happy 75th, Batman!

Batman turned 75 this year, and DC Comics celebrates at Comic-Con in part by showing off a plethora of memorabilia from the "Batman" movies over the years.

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Tonight I dine on Lego soup

The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" arch-villain Shredder gets bricked -- by Legos.

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Rocket Raccoon gets bricked

Rocket Raccoon and Groot -- that's the green thing -- take their places not only onscreen in the upcoming summer blockbuster "Guardians of the Galaxy," but as stars of the Lego universe.

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Head of the pack

The "Voltron" robot lions, from the popular 1980s cartoon, have returned to make a popular 2014 cosplay.

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You're both a little short for a Stormtrooper

If more Stormtroopers had flowers in their helmets, they might've done better as the foot soldiers of the Empire.

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I am vengeance. I am the night. I am... Batfleck?

The cape and cowl from Ben Affleck's turn as Batman in the soon to be released "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" proves a big draw for fans on day one of the San Diego Comic-Con.

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His Spidey-sense is tingling

Lego Spider-Man readies to leap into action on the floor of San Diego Comic-Con 2014.

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Turbines to speed!

A life-sized Lego replica of the  motorcycle and sidecar from the "Batman" 1960s TV show.

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Inappropriate questions

Sometimes, Super Mario Brothers cosplayers Mario and Luigi have questions that are best left unanswered.

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Captain and her sisters

Bernadette Bentley as a Captain America-inspired pinup girl, and Amanda Schaffer, Lauren Brogman, and Crissy Lynn as the Sanderson sisters from the film "Hocus Pocus."

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Truth, Justice, and the American Way

At San Diego Comic-Con, embodying the American way means dressing up as your favorite superhero.

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The Masterfiend, archietect of worlds

Superstar comics author Grant Morrison returns to DC Comics later this year with nine issues that span alternate universes, linked by musical harmonies and based in string theory.

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Klingons on the starboard bow

Klingons are a perennial favorite at any nerdfest, but the costumes and perpetual scowls of this trio impressed many onlookers.

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Predator and his app

If you look closely at this Predator's arm gauntlet, you'll see it's been built around his HTC One running a custom app designed to make it look like the Predator's arm-mounted computer. He's also smoking a "smokeless" cigarette, because who's going to tell an alien assassin to stop smoking indoors?

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May the Force be with all of you

The Force is strong with Lego this year. It's presented all of its Star Wars mini-figures in one case.

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Not Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden has made notable appearances in the US as a telepresence robot. Unfortunately, this WETA-designed bot is not manned by the most famous whistleblower in the world.

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That's a big hammer, Harley

This Harley Quinn, based on her look from the Batman: Arkham video game series, is carrying a mallet that really is bigger than she is.

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Print your own pop-culture toys

3D-printed toys are a growing presence on the show floor. This is one of several that you can print while you wait.

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Touche, toupee

Sometimes, to pull off a good cosplay, all you need is some hair dye and courage. That's not batty, is it?

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Is this the year of digital?

Angelo Sotira, founder of DeviantArt, holds up one of the latest books published on Madefire.

With competitor Comixology recently snapped up by Amazon, we might see a bigger push for digital comics in the next year than ever before.

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Table-top Star Wars

Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures is a table-top strategy game that lets you re-create the dogfight space battles between the Empire and Rebel Alliance.

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Cerebro via Oculus

An Oculus Rift-powered re-creation of Professor X's Cerebro from the X-Men movies is, unsurprisingly, a big hit with the broad swathe of comics fans who are also tech-curious.

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Decoing the Bat

Custom detailed Batman capes-and-cowls are part of the Batman 75th anniversary celebrations.

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Batman villain Bane's mask looks even more terrifying in real life than it did in "The Dark Knight Rises."

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The long goodbye

Never underestimate those long walks between hotels at Comic-Con, but remember, there's a light (and often, a beer) at the end of the tunnel.

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The mask of the Cat

Catwoman's mask-ear-infrared-lens combo from "The Dark Knight Rises."

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The evil eye of Smaug

At the booth for the WETA special effects company, the enormous head of the dragon Smaug slowly blinks at convention attendees.

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Dave's a fanboy

Artist, author, and director Dave McKean shows off a sketch that he received from one of his favorite artists: Moebius.

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How do you say 'nerd' in Dothraki?

David Peterson is the linguist hired by the "Game of Thrones" producers to create the TV version of George R.R. Martin's Dothraki language. Ride well, David. Ride well.

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Loki and Thor, besties for the fans

Brothers-at-war in Asgard, Loki and Thor, set aside their conflict for a moment to pose for with an eager fan.

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Death, perchance to Dream

Cosplayers recreate Neil Gaiman's Death and her younger, mopey brother, The Sandman.

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Fashion things

Comic book fashion is booming at San Diego Comic-Con, as women's couture takes on a pop-culture edge.

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Dominated by Nick

In a year when TV channel booths seemed to be smaller on the show floor, the Nickelodeon booth shined with its day-glo extravagance.

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Escape the Walking Dead (and cosplayers)

San Diego Comic-Con has long since outgrown the convention center. The Walking Dead Escape is one popular way to burn off steam outside the main hall.

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Looks like the end of the line

The side of this Hilton hotel near the San Diego Convention Center has been decorated like the town of Terminus from the end of last season's "Walking Dead" to promote the return of the show this fall.

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Where's Jay?

A pitch-perfect Silent Bob lacks only his hyperactive friend Jay to complete the look.

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