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Samsung NE59M6850

The Samsung NE59M6850 is a black stainless steel, 30-inch wide electric range. It can connect to Wi-Fi, which lets you preheat the oven via your phone and check to see if the burners are on.

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The smooth cooktop is equipped with four burners and a warming zone to keep dishes ready-to-serve. 

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The front two burners on the cooktop have fast boil features, but they didn't produce significantly faster boiling times during our tests.

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Burner knobs

Each of the front burners are double burners, so you can turn on one or two different levels when you cook.

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Control panel

The Flex Duo insert turns the single oven cavity into upper and lower ovens. That means the control panel has buttons for each of the oven cavities, which makes for a busy touchscreen.

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Flex Duo insert

The Flex Duo is a divider you put into the oven's single cavity that divides it into two separate cooking zones, giving you the flexibility of being able to cook two dishes at different temperatures at the same time without the investment of a built-in double oven.



The oven on this stove is 5.9 cubic feet, which makes it pretty roomy.

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Convection fans

There are two convection fans located in the back of the oven. These fans help circulate hot air throughout the oven for more even baking.

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