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The Samsung SGH-T249 is a prepaid T-Mobile phone. You get a bit more than you pay for with the $50 price tag, including a microSD slot capable of holding 16GB memory. Read full review
Photo by: Josh Miller
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Slim slider

This model hearkens back to the days of slim slider phones with numbered keypads and large, round navigation toggles.
Photo by: Josh Miller

Basic black

Although the T249 comes in basic black, a rim of royal blue crowns the face. The phone is otherwise unadorned.
Photo by: Josh Miller

Charger trouble

Our biggest complaint is that the MicroUSB charger port is also the headset jack, so you'll need an adapter to privately listen to tunes.
Photo by: Josh Miller

Camera focus

The 1.3 megapixel camera takes OK pictures, but it won't produce anything great.
Photo by: Josh Miller


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