Samsung Chef Collection Dishwasher

This new dishwasher has Samsung's Waterfall spray mechanism, which cleans your dishes with a wall of water.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung Chef Collection Range

This range has Samsung's Flex Duo feature, which lets you turn the single oven chamber into two separate cavities, each with its own independent temperature control. Samsung says it has also improved heating precision.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung Chef Collection Refrigerator

This four-door fridge has a metal cooling plate inside to help maintain temperature, and what Samsung calls a Triple Cooling System that lets you use one compartment as either a fridge or a freezer.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung Chef Collection group shot

Samsung's new Chef Collection line has a premium look in keeping with the company's push towards the higher-end of the mainstream appliance market.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung Food Showcase refrigerator

This fridge has all kinds of internal organizational features, and a door-in-door design that lets you peek inside to find things quickly without minimal air leakage.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung VU7000 Motion Sync upright vacuum

This higher-end upright vac has a detachable handheld module with its own motor, lightening your load and giving your greater mobility when you want to clean stairs and other hard to navigate spaces.
Photo by: Samsung

Samsung Super Capacity laundry pair

Samsung says this washer and dryer set is large to handle two king sized comforters in one cycle.
Photo by: Samsung


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