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It begins. The gates are barely even open for the tech fest that is CES, but Samsung is already bigging up a raft of audio and home cinema products, and they're all coming to the UK. What you can see up there is the HW-F750, the world's first soundbar with a built-in valve amp, and the first to feature Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your telly.

Also on the menu: more wireless fun with an NFC- and Bluetooth-enabled speaker, a surround sound system, and a new Blu-ray player. Have a click through our little photo gallery above.

Valve amplifiers are usually found inside hi-fi speakers, so by sticking one in the HW-F750, your films should have a warm, natural sound. My US colleague Matthew Moskovciak didn't think it was particularly analogue-sounding in his ears-on, however.

It is an end to unsightly draping wires though, thanks to Bluetooth. And it features a gyroscope that'll detect how the bar is positioned (vertically or horizontally), as well as how high, and then tweak the sound so it's optimised for your setup. Very cool.

Thanks to NFC, you can pair Samsung's new DA-F60 wireless speaker with your phone or tablet just by tapping them together. Or you can use it as a speaker for your TV, thanks to the same SoundShare feature as found on the HW-F750. It features the same neodymium magnets as found in high-end hi-fi, too, so should sound suitably audiophilic.

Now, surround sound. The HT-F9750W is a 7.1-channel model, with seven speakers and a subwoofer, so shouldn't have any trouble filling your lounge with gunfire and explosions. A Galliun Nitride amplifier supposedly handles a sound range beyond what your usual home-cinema speakers can manage, and combines with a valve amp to produce clear sound with very low distortion, Samsung boasts. All the better for floor-shaking explosions.

Finally, the BD-F7500 Blu-ray player upscales standard- and high-definition films to near Ultra High Definition (UHD), should your TV have more than the usual 1,080 lines. A dual-core processor inside means it'll be nippy to respond, too. It features a proprietary Samsung algorithm that cleans up blocking artefacts found on videos online, which is handy if you're streaming stuff.

Samsung's main CES press conference is tonight at 10pm UK time. Our talented and well-groomed colleagues at will be on the spot with some immaculate coverage for you.

All of these are detailed in a UK press release, so they will be heading to Britain, though there's no word when. Which do you like the sound of? Make some noise in the comments, or on our surround-sound Facebook page.

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Samsung's DA-F60 can pair up with your TV via Bluetooth or your phone via NFC.
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The HT-F9750 home cinema system has all kinds of gubbins that add up to BIG EXPLOSIONS.
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Samsung's latest Blu-ray player can upscale to Ultra HD, if your TV's travelled from the future.
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