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With spring looming and the spirit of procreation in the air, Samsung has announced it's about to get all sweaty, scream a lot and give birth to 1080p camcorder quadruplets. The fecund company's even planned ahead and given them names: the HMX-H200, HMX-H203, HMX-H204 and HMX-H205. How cute.

Apart from capturing footage at a Full HD resolution, the camcorders all offer a 20x optical zoom, optical image stabilisation, HDMI connectivity and a 69mm (2.7-inch), swivelling LCD touchscreen with a 230,000-pixel resolution. A 'smart auto' feature will select the best scene mode if you simply can't be bothered to do it yourself, and you can capture still images at a 4.7-megapixel resolution. 

The only difference between the models is the capacity of their solid-state drives. The HMX-H205 offers 32GB of storage, the HMX-H204 provides 16GB and the HMX-H203 sports 8GB. The HMX-H200 doesn't have any built-in storage, but records to SD and SDHC cards, as can the other models in the range. 

Samsung hasn't revealed the price of these camcorders yet, but stresses that they'll be affordable when they finally pop out in June, all whining and covered in goo. Click 'Continue' to peruse Samsung's progeny from various angles.

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A variety of controls lurk beneath the touchscreen, enticing you to poke them.

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The rear sports a big red button. It doesn't open a trapdoor or launch rockets, but it will start the recording process, and that'll just have to do.

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