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Samsung Gusto 2 is Gusto rebooted

Leagues ahead of its predecessor, the Samsung Gusto 2 does a lot of things right. Most importantly, it looks and feels good and makes great calls.

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Insides count

Of course, there's more to even a simple phone than just calls and body. There's also the screen quality, the keypad, navigation, and the external keys. Luckily, the keypad here is large and comfortable, but the screen suffers from low resolution. For a full rundown of the phone's features, check out the full review.

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Right side

The 2.5mm headset jack is a bummer because 3.5mm is the standard. The physical buttons to trigger the camera and the speakerphone are nice, but could feel small for some hands.

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Left side

The volume rocker and Micro-USB charging port are on the left.

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Total package

Verizon will begin selling the Gusto 2 for $79.99. The call quality goes far to recommend the phone for people who want to keep on the simple side of things.

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