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All business

The Samsung Freeform II updates the original Freeform messaging phone. The biggest change is its look, which has gone from somewhat playful to business professional.

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New keyboard

We love the looks of the new keyboard, whose ridged keys are intended for easy gripping and pressing. However, it felt cramped and a bit stiff beneath our fingertips.

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In profile

The left and right spines house a dedicated camera button, a 3.5mm headset jack, the Micro-USB charging port, and the volume rocker. The Freeform II's pointed "chin" is a nice touch.

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Rear view

Surface smudges are an annoyance, which is why we were pleased to see a soft-touch material on the phone's back cover. It's one you'll feel often as you remover the cover to access the 16GB microSD slot.

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Camera module

The 1.3-megapixel camera remains the same from the original Freeform model, but the Freeform II inexplicably loses its self-portrait mirror.

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